Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I think I need a story blog...

I've written a few short pieces of late.

Story writing has taken a whole new dimension for me this year. For years I'd been "blocked" with my writing. I still did "it" - write that is - but "it" wasn't satisfying because I couldn't get my writing to be scintillating enough to be that way. The most part of the last year or three has been writing endless lists of things to do - hardly publishable and slightly less entertaining than any mere Story! :)

Well... I guess Muse visited me in this seminal year of 2006 and wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am, I am finally and happily writing and how! :) Some of it isn't "quite" publishable on this particular blog though *blush*. Some people who know me, may have a few issues regarding the content of some of my recent works, so I've demurred and kept them away from here. They await a place of their own. :)

It's so amazingly refreshing to be able to write and not feel that impending doom-like sensation of a) What is there to write about? and b) I am not interesting enough to have anything to write about! I feel like a great massive piece of my soul is finally being slotted back into the construct of my being again. Coherence at it's finest. Writing and me! They just fit you know.

I AM story! Not lengthy, massive works of "great" fiction - not like I used to dream of doing of course. I'm a short-story writer and it satisfies me to be this way. I couldn't stick at writing a novel if I was paid to do it. I would lose instant interest in the whole process as soon as anyone suggested that I "should" do that. I have always balked at being told what to do - ironic given that I enjoyed being an Army Reservist once! hahaha

When I was in my 20's I wanted to be another Margaret Mitchell you know - write that seminal piece of literature that would last a thousand years as a classic and all that - but...seriously that isn't going to happen I guess and I've learned to not get myself worked into a sweat over not being able to write "The Novel".

The whole novel thing has become so overwhelmingly prevalent that any "book" that I would potentially write would be practically pulp before I got to sell a hundred copies anyway! The life of an author is fraught with longing for longevity - a difficult peak to reach in this day and age of "instant" fiction and glossy dust jackets.

Apparently, I'm a sprint writer. So - I am slowly building a wee collection of stories here now that will need an audience soon.

I'm thinking a Story Blog of some kind may be next on my To Do list of "Things to do before I die".

The thought is profoundly satisfying and also slightly intimidating

.................................but hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh? :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We all have choices.

Today I had to finally bite the bullet, give up procrastinating and make a choice!

Put this stupid account keeping software update on computer/s or not!

Well... seeing as I had my brother-in-law here from Darwin, and seeing as he is fey with all things computer, I decided - aka made a choice - that today was a "good" day to upgrade.

Now upgrading account keeping software is a little like going to the dentist! It's more than a little stressful. I hate doing it but it has to be done.

The other choice I made today was to finally install our "new" printer I bought at auction.

It's making starting the computer a bit of an issue at the moment with lots of fussing about trying to "install" components that we don't need. I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of all that! May take awhile! :)

The printer will need a new ink cartridge as the one that came with it is pretty much dry! That's what happens when you choose to buy via auction I guess. Hey! It was a great buy still all the same.

So these were the choices today.

I have always had this image in my head of standing in the centre of a circle. Within this circle are an infinite number of degrees, each degree being a choice to be made. Any one of these choices I make from within this circle will change my direction and destiny leading to new circles and therefore new possibilities.

We can choose to be deterred by the amount of choice we have available to us and keep looking behind us in retrospect rueing the choices of the past - or we can accept that what lies ahead is the opportunity to change direction and still keep moving forward. It's all in our choices. :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


It will have been close to 4 years since my entire immediate family have been together in the one room!

Since we kids left the family nest, it's been very difficult to get us all together for most occasions.

We've NEVER had a family get-together where all of us in my immediate family... cousins, husbands, wives, Grandparents, siblings have been together in the one room! This coming three week period will change that statistic! :)

I'm so excited by the prospect of spending time getting to know my brother-in-law and my little nephews better. I am excited by the prospect of lavishing some love and attention on my Sister, Paquita, especially on her birthday next week! I think it's been close on 20 years since we've been together on one of our birthday's! I'm going to spoil her rotten that day by doing all that "girly" stuff with her at my favourite beauty spa! :) Can't wait! :)

We have five birthdays and a Baptism, in my family next week.

It promises to be a very memorable time. :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Imago poems

The following are a series of wee poems I wrote in waaaay back in the early 80's. I look back on these and am struck by my strong tendency toward descriptive writing even back then.

I have no idea why I called these "Imago". I suspect it was something to do with the whole "metamorphosis" process. I do however, remember having a fascination for symmetry in language. I liked coaxing words to match and reflect each other through pattern and repetition. You can see that very strongly here.

Of course, I'm not saying these are good by any stretch of the imagination. I was all of 19 years old when I wrote them. It's just interesting to see what my writing was about back then as opposed to now. :)

Imago I

Antennae in the half-light
meticulously grasping for
forgotten auras, and
occasionally having
weird encounters with
'other things', basking,
as only 'other things' do
in the half-light.

Imago II

Blue on the red horizon
clinging like a vine
to the 'big-top' of the
universe, but occasionally
being murdered by the
dawning of the cumulus
on the red horizon.

Imago III

Needle in the candle-light
stabbing at an unknown
masterpiece, but occasionally
tangling the thread that is
the link to the masterpiece
in the candle-light.

Imago IV

Cacti in the topics
silently entangling their
greedy arms around
the forest flora
and being forever
bloated on the brackish moisture
that is the life-blood of all nature
in the tropics.

Imago V

Grasses of the swamp land
swaying silently to the music
of rippling wavelets, and occasionally
ensnaring a forgotten swamp creature
lurking 'tween the grasses
of the swamp land

Imago VI

Beings in darkness
softly whispering ghoulish
melodies, occasionally playing
with the conscience of a lone being
in the darkness.

© M. Pitman 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

I talk too much!

A dear friend has kindly suggested I make my point faster in here! Apparently, I write too much/talk too much.


In effect, they've said I "waffle on"! :) Not quite with those exact words - but that was the point of their argument! hehehe

So... my point today is...

I talk/write too much and I don't care if I do!

I LIKE exploring my themes the long way around.

That's it - no further point to make on this one!



(s'okay - I think we're still friends! ;)).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chasing Happy

I've just listened to an interesting discussion on the nature of Happiness. The interview was with author and Harvard Social Psychologist Daniel Gilbert.

Professor Gilberts work "Stumbling on Happiness" sounds like it might be an interesting read and I've subsequently put it on my Amazon Wish List

There is a hunger in almost all living things for happiness.

What exactly is happiness though?

For me I think that Happiness is a feeling or state of being where one feels elevated with positive and energetic engagement in the moment. Basically, happiness is a mood.

We can only ever feel and be "happy" in the moment. I've always known that but have never heard it actually expressed as a scientific fact such as prof. Gilbert states in the above audio.

I've also always instinctively known that people constantly strive to gain happiness. All our endeavors in work, relationship and entertainment are our seeking for eternal moments of eternal happiness. We rarely remember clearly what made us really happy in the past and we rarely identify what it is exactly that will make us happy in the future.

I somehow knew this but have never really said it or heard it said by someone else until today. It makes complete sense to me that the pursuit of happiness in and of itself is perhaps a futile exercise. We cannot predict happiness. We can dream of being happy but we cannot accurately predict if that experience of happiness would exist if that dream were to come true.

Happiness is transient and elusive. It is never grasped, it just happens. Chasing happiness is like looking for pots of gold at the bottom of rainbows.

I think most people are generally happy but we are - all of us - never content to remain generally happy - what we tend to wish for is to be perfectly happy ALL THE TIME. We are seeking permanency in that state of euphoric engagement.

We think that having more stuff, more money, more fun, more friends, more sex, more rewards, better work, an engaging vocation, engagement in life etc. will bring us happiness. The truth is that happiness will come when we least expect it to and often where we least expect it to.

It's impossible to know when or where happiness will find us. We cannot create happiness deliberately. What we CAN do though is develop the internal sensor inside ourselves that will recognise those things that do make us happy in our moments.

Passion in our endeavors will generally provide more of these moments of happiness. Finding that for which we have a passion and engages us fully so that we are elevated beyond our own egocentric and ideocentric goals, will usually provide us with that state of being that we call being happy. But it won't happen all the time and it won't happen if we force it to be so.

When happiness is grasped it runs through the hand like water, flowing away from us as quickly as when we scooped it from Moments Pool. In order to hold on to happiness, we must accept that it is like water! We instead, need to immerse ourselves in that pool and let time drift into its own space continuum. In other words, we need to simply enjoy these moments where happiness exists and not try too hard to grasp at them and hold onto them forever.

Happiness! It's found in the present moment.

Can we create these moments? Yes and No! Once we have developed our internal happiness sensors within, we may be able to identify that which makes us happy more easily and thereby re-create similar moments which might bring it back to us. For example, if we notice that swimming brings us moments of happiness where we forget who and what we are and just enjoy being, we will go swimming more often to re-create that feeling. But, that feeling will not always be there all the time. We cannot expect it to be like that. We must develop a certain kind of skepticism in regard to finding future happiness.

So don't go chasing happiness, it will elude you. Instead, notice the moments where happiness finds you. The more of these moments you recognise and appreciate, the happier you'll be.

Friday, June 16, 2006

School Holidays

I used to love school holidays.

Term break meant a slower change of pace, a chance to sleep-in, unwind and generally enjoy having my little family around for awhile.

That's changed! hahaha

Now that our kids are teens, school hols have taken on that slightly manic free-for-all fight over the TV, the Playstation, the computer and the fridge! The house is destined to become a bear pit and my sanity will probably go hide under the curtains in the bedroom, with the cat, until Term Three begins.

I am getting frazzled just thinking about the forthcoming two weeks and it's only the first afternoon!

Methinks, a computer roster might be in order though. I admit to being as addicted to this machine as the kids! :) The rest we'll just have to wing as usual. If I tried to stock the fridge with everything required for two weeks - the two hungry caterpillars, who live here, would consume it all within two days!

This past term here has been quite long due to some calendar changes made by our state government for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in March. The kids are slightly burned around the edges and they really need some down time. I know that. I just wish they could do it quietly :)

And this break is going to be a busy one too. I have my sister and her family visiting from Darwin for two weeks which will be very entertaining if a little frenetic.

So... I think perhaps I had best go re-read my own advice on "Going with the flow"

I will need all the calmness and un-self'ness I can lay my hands on for the next sixteen days.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Essential touch.

What happens if you don’t get touched?

You die! That’s what you do! Maybe not physically exactly, but definitely emotionally and spiritually – possibly even mentally!

Oh sure! Some people don’t like being touched much. Nevertheless, you will still need to feel an occasional loving physical gesture that reminds you, you're alive.

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It is designed to be incredibly sensitive to touch and physical sensation. The touch that occurs between people can be either repulsive or extraordinarily beautiful. It depends on context of course.

The context I’m talking about here is the latter. I’m talking about the extraordinarily beautiful entente found in loving physical touch.

Loving touch is as necessary to us as the air we breathe. Demonstrating affection for a loved one says that they are deeply cared for and valued. The tender, gentle touch from someone who loves us elevates us and brings us closer to becoming who we were created to be. When we are touched often, respectfully, lovingly and appropriately, we find ourselves more content and happy. We are actually even healthier, emotionally, spiritually, physically and possibly even saner! :)

A hug, a simple hand on a shoulder, a kiss, a pat, a brush of skin against skin… it can all mean something beautiful if we allow it to. These things can say more than any words can.

But there must be no manipulation, no selfish reasons here.

We must not touch another in order to meet our own agenda for love. Sensitivity to anothers needs means that we are willing to understand how much touch our loved one is capable of being able to bear at any given moment. Sometimes, it’s better for a simple, brief gesture of touch that is merely a reminder that you’re still there for them. Love seeks to understand first and give accordingly – it never rushes the issue.

Loving touch is not about mere sex either. It is all about the giving over of ones self to another person freely and intentionally. It's about wanting to connect and commune with someone and belong to them just because they're so amazing and beautiful to you. This isn't selfish -'s not meant to be; real love inspires touch and physical intimacy but it never demands or forces it.

Still! There are times too, when someone you love just needs to be hugged close (and perhaps kissed too), just because they are so loved. Perhaps they might rebel against this surprising display of affection but at least they’ll know how you feel about them.

So, if this happens to you - someone, who loves you, and knows you, grabs you and holds you close to their heart and their skin without violent or manipulative intent; holding you close just because of who you are - then knowing you are loved like this can be a pathway to healing and happiness.

I encourage you to explore it.

You can run from love
And if it's really love it will find you
And catch you by the heel
But you can't be numb to love
The only pain is to feel nothing at all
How can I hurt when I'm holding you

*Lyric by U2 from "A Man and A Woman"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Soundscapes. Faithscapes

I've bought some "decent" stereo headphones for the computer here.

Ahhhhhhh! Sheer bliss to hear all these different tones and sounds properly and fluidly for once. Internet radio will be soooo much more fun now! :)

Stereo really does make a difference to sound. It seems to bring more coherence and depth to songs, and music.

The shift and movement of noises between the two speakers either side of ones head adds a kind of interesting melange of colour and finesse to sound that just can't be done with a mono headphone set.

I've been having a lot of fun wasting the past hour "tweaking" the settings on the soundcard to get everything just so! hahaha I'm a bass/drums kind of girl so I tend to like my sound to be deep and bass-ey with that solid rhythm in the back! :)

What on earth would this world be like without SOUND??????

You know? There is that old riddle that says if a branch breaks from a tree in a forest with no-one present does it still make a sound?

Pretty silly question if you ask me. Sound is physical and quite real. It is disrupted airwaves that vibrate according to natural patterns. Our ears are marvellously designed organs of engineering that can pick up on these vibrations and interpret them in all their nuances as sounds inside our brains.

So if a branch breaks off a tree where no one can hear it - it's irrelevant whether or not it makes a sound. Sound is only of value if a sentient hearing being is there to appreciate that sound does indeed exist. Sound means nothing without appreciation.

Same with Faith actually. Faith means nothing without appreciation.

If you aren't in that forest of Faith to hear about the branches on vines and trees then you're not going to know if it's real or not.

You have to experience/hear faith in the heart before you can appreciate that God exists.

Otherwise it's totally irrelevant to you isn't it? Even if it's real!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Lovely weekend. :)

It WAS cold where we were in the mountains, (it is winter here Downunder afterall), but our room was warm - eventually - and cosy and we didn't need much else except some food and a wee bit of wine, a book or two and the TV for my husband (he is not the bookish type, unlike myself ;)).

I finished that Warhammer book finally! :) It was a wonderful read and it's convinced me to explore this genre further so I've dutifully started the second book "Ravenor Returned".

I'm still amazed I'm reading this stuff though - I could never have imagined even at the beginning of this year that I would be reading "Dark Library" sci-fi novels! Still, a good read is still a good read no matter what kind of literature it is I guess. :) Ahhh! The influence of friends eh? :)

Since coming home today, life has picked up the pace again as it does. Housework taking precedence over most entertainments until later in the day. I do, however, feel refreshed and ready to take on another busy week ahead now.

That's what weekends away can do for the soul; refresh it and renew it so it's ready to be available again for whatever awaits in that hourglass of time called The Future.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Weeks end

Going away for a couple of days. It's a long weekend here in my corner of the world.

Am looking forward to the down time.

So.... I'll catching up on reading, sleeping and just lazing about doing nothing much.

What will you be doing? :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tech worship

This here computer died on me this morning for approximately 10 minutes.

I could NOT get it to fire up again until I turned it off at the source of power and just waited.

The stress nearly killed me! :)

I fretted, I fussed, I squashed my body in behind the desk here trying with all my might to figure out why this contraption, our family so depends on, would not just GO!

And I PRAYED!!! Oh my! How I prayed that this thing would get going again.

On reflection, I can see why I wrote about that whole "zen" thing earlier today. I really need to heed my own advice! *bemused smile* I didn't really have flow or "zen" during this particular 10 minutes of my life. This was 'Major Catastrophe' in the making! "Zen" and "Catastrophe" are mutally exclusive when it comes to tech worship.

A box of wires and bytes can bring down the philosopher in any one of us I guess - especially me. I am perhaps just a little too dependant on this machine.

Oh but hey! Life without computers now???? It's just not feasible anymore! Is it?

It's that whole biz about relationships I'm always going on about! THIS machine has brought me so many wonderful and interesting new relationships to explore that going without it would be like breathing a vow of silence and taking up permanent residence in a hermitage.

That is sooooo not me! :)

Okay... so it - this box of computational tricks - is back up and running again. I think God may have had his ears burned by the number of "Thankyou's" I've been saying today.

I'm so gosh-darned RELIEVED.

...better get myself a jolly big external back-up drive though J.I.C. *more bemused smiling*

Zen and the art of flow

Actually I know absolutely nothing about Zen! hahahaha!

Being an evangelical Christian can kind of cramp one's style when it comes to investigating other faith structures ... so of course I've "avoided" a lot of things from eastern philosophical standpoints over the years. :)

I think Zen has something to do with calmness and non-self’ness! (Not sure if that’s even a word really, but it’s the best I can do to describe what I mean). It’s about a kind of emptying of everything about the body including emotion and feeling, thought and physical presence.

So what am I trying to say about this in relation to flow?

Actually! What IS flow?

For me, flow is about process. It’s about a quality or state of being that isn’t defined by deadlines, by duties, by responsibilities or other externals. Flow just is. Flow is Life. It's everything and nothing that happens in a minute, in an hour, in a day, in a year, in a lifetime. Flow is time stretched. Flow is time expanded. Flow is the result of peaceful, soulful, contented non-self'ness.

Life cruises by us at sometimes alarming speeds and we do our best to slow it down at every turn. When it does slow down, we find ourselves wanting it to speed up. We’re never really content to let life just “happen” to us. We get all hot under the collar trying to make life be a certain way for ourselves instead of having an easy calmness and acceptance about the stuff that makes for a life.

Just as river….flows… by some inexplicable force of gravitational pull, the art of developing flow in ones life, between all the pieces that make up that life, requires that we find the source which provides this gentle irresistible pull.

To find that irresistible pull requires that we do not resist it. We need to not focus our desires on it but rather “empty” ourselves of requiring it so that it is able to come naturally and easily without urge or requisition.

When we struggle to find flow in our lives, we are doing just that… struggling! Our struggle actually creates the dam walls that prevent flow from happening. We need to let it go…stop, breathe, let the stream take us to its own inevitable destination and just be in that stream enjoying the ride. We need to take on that leaf-like characteristic of just “going with the flow” instead of trying to be like salmon leaping up against it.

Okay! That’s all well and good as a philosophical construct of flow, but practically????

Yeah! That’s where it gets hard! To find the practical “Zen” thing about flow when ordinary life butts up against wanting to be creative, organised, efficient, and idealistic, can be a real trial and error combination of blood, sweat and tears. That is exactly the opposite of flow. Blood, sweat and tears are not flow… that’s the stuff of salmon story and we are all too good at that!

Prayer creates flow. It calms the mind and sets it loose to be creative. If you don’t want to pray, then do that meditation thing. Empty yourself of the desire to be a certain way and just BE! And yes! It doesn’t make sense because language is difficult like that.

BE as you are right now in the moment. Forget about worrying on tomorrow – that’s salmon stuff again. If you can’t work, then rest until you can. If you need to work and can’t, then make the work interesting enough that it will inspire you to want to do it. Break tasks up, make the process small, make it simple, cut the corners that can be cut and don’t waste time over-thinking preferred results. Just do what you can do right here in the now of your being You.

So - this whole “Zen” thing? I’m not telling anyone to go out and become a Buddhist aficionado in the school of Shaolin! No! No! No! But what I AM saying is that, that kind of thinking about emptying oneself of struggle, will give your body, mind and spirit permission to be as it is in the moment and that can only be better for you in the long run.

If you’re content and fulfilled you will find flow and that will help you to get things done in the future. The more we try to struggle against the flow, the less we end up doing. The less we try to move against flow, the more we achieve down the line.

Flow is about movement. Not just letting life drift by, but embracing life and living in it as it is without forcing it to be anything more.

We live in the present; the present is a gift; a gift is to be opened and appreciated. Don’t sit this gift on the mantel, unwrapped, and worry about what might be inside!

Don’t fight the river by swimming upstream! Enjoy the view instead as you go with it downstream! See where it takes you and just allow everything to be as it is. The less it is about you, the better your flow.

Fill your soul with good things that make you know faith, hope, love and joy. Therein lay the greatest reasons to go with the flow.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Songs of love and faith by U2


I bought this album ages ago – I can’t even remember when - but had hardly listened to it until recently. I actually forgot I had it until two weeks ago when I discovered it during one of my obsessive little sessions I have occasionally, sorting our CD collection into alphabetical order. Hey! It's a "coherence" thing! Okay? :)

At first I thought “Nah! Don’t think much of this.” It seemed too sappy to be U2. There was none of that sharp observation of human injustice from the masters of people power music. This album is softer, mellower, in many respects.

But, what with being in the car stereo for the past two weeks, I’ve had a significant number of opportunities to really hear this album properly.

I now absolutely adore it! It has become one of my favourites. Bono’s lyrics have gotten under my skin and speak to me of so many things. I hear him singing to me about romance, love, and incredible faith. The music is classic U2 with that full rich resonant sound they are so renowned for, but the emotion here is quite different from the U2 of “old”.

It is probably one of U2’s most romantic albums ever with many of the songs talking about relationships between people, especially deeply loved, significant "others".

Some of the songs make me want to sing and others make me want to cry and then on another listen, I will want to laugh and dance. It really is quite an extraordinary CD and I am rather pleased to have stuck it out and really given it some listening time.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mastering the art of integrity

Integrity is a big deal to me.

It's a part of that whole "Constructing Coherence" thing regarding my Genius

I need integrity in myself and in others to find that coherence of soul, mind, and emotion.

It's one of my highest values.

It's more than honesty. It's more than mere trust. It's about communion.

It's about baring the things in ones heart to another and risking everything on the chance that they might take your truth and crush it underfoot out of vicious ridicule or spite. Integrity like this involves humility, hope, faith and a whole lot of unconditional love (There is that word again! :))

If you EVER find a person with whom you can share the deepest things inside your heart and KNOW that they will accept you despite those things... then thank God for the amazing gift of this person and never take them for granted.

Respect those who would love you enough to allow you to demonstrate such integrity and still remain your friend.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Writing on the fly again

Okay... dashed this off last night. Enjoy! :)


Candice didn’t quite know where to put the thing in her hand.

It was small and light, delicate beyond belief and it sat in her hand quietly still and inscrutable. She didn’t really want to put it down because it was so cute and pretty.

After some deliberation, she decided that it was probably best to put it on the mantel over the firescreen in the corner. From there she would be able to see it from nearly every angle in the room, watch it and amuse her self in the watching it.

It didn’t have a name…yet. It was still in beta testing. She was on the TechWatch Committee listings for these sorts of things anyway so she often had new things come to her out of the blue. This thing had arrived quite unexpectedly in her mail box that morning –zapped into her mail console just like that - whilst she had been concentrating on synthesising some pure Papuan New Guinean coffee beans. It had given her quite a start.

She had known for sometime that this thing was in development but hadn’t expected that she would be privileged enough to actually own one for a month or two during the beta testing period.

She eyed the tiny contraption on the mantel curiously. As she stared, she breathed lightly onto the object and imagined a scene in her mind from her past. The accompanying notes had explained that this was important. Nothing happened for a moment and she was almost disappointed when all of a sudden she felt shivering waves of memory sweep over her.

The smell! Was it the sweet smell of coffee perhaps? No – that was the beans in her kitchen!

A rush of emotion zapped through her. She remembered sitting on the lawn, as a young woman; sitting back and breathing in the heady cologne of him beside her. She had loved him so much, but he was distant, rational and ever so un-romantic. But, she had loved him all the same.

It was his cologne! She could smell it as clearly as on that day! But there was more! She could smell the background scents of new mown grass, of sweaty teenagers playing ball on the holo-court near where they sat. She could smell the subtle distant synth-blended perfumes of other girls who sat in small cliques around them. And him! She could smell him. The memories and emotions ripped through her like lightening rods. She had virtually forgotten this scene from her past until now. The shock of it made her gasp out aloud.

“Holy Shit!” she whispered. “It works!”

She quickly went to the low table in front of the fire-screen and grabbed a tap-pad, itching to make some notes before the moment passed.

‘First test for object number ZXY-4653: Made an eye-level trigger stare on object for approx. 30 seconds. Subject breathed over object as explained in user notes. Experienced strong olfactory sensation and subsequent emotional memory recall. Subject is astonished at clarity of recall due to very accurate scent reconstruction.’

She smiled. This was going to be a whole lot of fun. The little pretty object just sat inscrutably on her mantel oblivious to its potential.

© M. Pitman 2006

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Love of a thousand kinds.

The english language is severely flawed when it comes to the word "Love".

To describe Love in our limited vocabulary is difficult.

Love is merely one word that is used across hundreds of different landscapes of emotion.

The true nature of love is difficult to define without resorting to poetic imagery - leaving a saccarine after-taste that doesn't satisfy like the thing itself.

To love and be loved is our greatest need and our deepest desire. If we do not love, we have no light or life within us.

But the gamut of love? This vast range of feelings, hopes, dreams and visions? It is just too broad and wide... stretching across the full human spectrum of thought, idea, emotion and relationship. Describing it in one little word is like trying to contain the ocean in a thimble!

We can "love" things but not the same way as we "love" people. We can love one person in one way but another person in an entirley different way. There is no rhyme nor reason to this... it is just called "love" despite the differences in attachment.

To be able to describe, in our limited language, the nuances of love! To be able to distinguish between the love of a pet as opposed to the love we have for our friends; to be able to distinguish between the love we have for our friends and the love we have for our....'lover'... what a difference it could make in building our relationships!

We define love by context rather than by word. It is in the underground sub-texts of our actions and deliberations that the truth of love is described. We may call all the possibilities of attachment, "love", but it is the degrees by which we express these attachments that makes them one or the other.

Love is...


A crush, a hope, a dream, a fantasy, a joy, a wonder, a magical carpet ride? It's always hard to tell until it's in context.

Thing is.. we need to tell other people what we actually mean when we say we love! How can they know our context if we do not demonstrate our interpretation of love for them? If we say we love them - how do we really tell them what that means?

It's more than just the word, it's more than just saying poetic things! It's in our full attention and expression of ourselves that we give meaning to our love for another. It is in the way we act rather than in the things we say that makes love concrete and definable.

There are undoubtedly, thousands of differently nuanced contexts for "love", but the greatest expression of it is what keeps us reaching out in hope (and sometimes desperation), for clarity and meaning. We need love like oxygen, but we are still trying to find the best and the purest of it.

We will never lose our desire to love and be loved perfectly - so perfectly that mere words become meaningless and the thing itself says it all.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


We had the pleasure of two ex Australian TV stars in our little pie shop today.

Unfortunately the name of one these icons, escapes me, and I confess that I didn't really recognise him. His main role, as a petty criminal, was in a show called "Homicide", which I wasn't allowed to watch much as a child.

But... his off-sider was Brian Wenzel whom I remember very well as "Frank Gilroy" from A Country Practise.

Wow! :) I know these two men are now in their 70's, but it was so lovely to reminisce with them about their extensive careers on our small screens of past years.

Sometimes a little brush with fame can be a really cool thing! :)