Saturday, May 27, 2006

A jolly good read...

Well.... I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this book!

I'm half way through already and it's only been a day.

I haven't read a novel in literally years!

A lot of my reading, since having children, has been "serious" informational type material.

My reading list over the years has consisted of books such as

Guns, Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond

The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman

and my all time favourite in this genre...

Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawkins, Amory Lovins & L. Hunter Lovins

Then there has been my "religious" reading of course ;)

Which includes

Paradigm Shift in the Church by Christian A. Schwarz

and a couple of Phillip Yancy books.

But a novel?

Well.... because I tend toward obsessive reading, where if the book is 'that' good that I can't put it down, I guess that, what with being a wife, mother, business partner, worker, cook, laundry slave, volunteer, friend, sister, daughter, and so on... reading books that one 'can't put down' has been impractical for the most part of the last decade.

The kids ARE older now and I have put the brakes on some of the other stuff in my life this year, so I do have time to read for pleasure at the moment. :)

Which means that I owe a BIG thankyou to Martin over at traumwind for daring me to be different and to read something just for fun for a change.

....and it has been a refreshing change too! :) In fact, it's a blast! :)

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