Friday, May 26, 2006

Bring on silly...

I'm having a good Friday at long last! :)

After the last couple, I thought perhaps that Fridays had in in for me but not this one.

I am feeling stupid, silly, childish and am having a whale of time being so.

Why should the kids have all the fun!

So... here's the thing...

Today is Silly Day and I'm going to enjoy myself emailing great friends and telling them silly things about all things stupid just because it's fun.

I'm even going to do something so silly I never DREAMED in a million years I'd do it! Yes! I'm going to read a Warhammer book! Ta Da!


I cannot believe it myself but.... I was told it was "important" to do so by a good mate so here goes... (gotta follow orders you know ;)).

I can see already that my mind is about to be stretched waaaaaay outside of it's current reality! But, I am itchin' for the ride too - something tells me it's going to lead to some interesting outcomes.

Whooo hoooo!

Now when you dance around in circles with your foot on your chin, you can think of me too! :)


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