Friday, October 09, 2009

Zero to wine

Eating her sandwich she glanced desultorily at the bottle of coke zero in front of her and noted that the use-by date on it was the day before her next birthday.

She wondered if that meant she'd be "passed her useby date" too, once it had slipped on by.

Sighing she mused on the fact that beauty these days, seemed to be more like soft drink with its quick-to-consume use-by dates, instead of like wine where it was presumed to get better, the longer it stayed on the shelf.

She wanted to be wine.

Thing was... at least a Coke bottle knew it would eventually be taken from the shelf in the not-too-distant future. A wine bottle, on the other hand, had to accept that mouldy labels, rats, cobwebs and a fair amount of surface dust would be its lot for quite possibly a very long time. Even then, there were no guarantees that whoever took it from the shelf would discover an exquisite elixir inside or vinegar.

She so hoped she'd not turn into vinegar while waiting!