Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jessica comes home

She's going to be 17 years old this coming Tuesday the 18th of May 2010, but Jessica Watson is capturing Aussie imaginations as she sails Ella's Pink Lady into Sydney Harbour in just under an hour or so.

She's been alone in her little pink "boat" for the past 200 plus days circumnavigating the world. She can't be recognised by any "official" bodies as being the youngest person to sail the world....but no one seems to care! She's so far the youngest person to sail across every longitude and the equator that has ever lived! For all the criticisms and the doubts... Jessica's determination and vision has proved that when a person craves something enough... they usually get it.

Her site is currently "down" at present so I can't link to her quote that is sweeping the television broadcasts and online. I'll do my best to recall it...
You don't have to be anyone special to do something big, you just have to really want it.
Sorry Jess.... you are wrong! A person who does something as unique, challenging, courageous and as intense as what you've achieved needs to have some very special qualities indeed - regardless of their age.

I'm approaching 50 and I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up! I've drifted through life absorbing experiences without really claiming a vision of my own to challenge myself to conquer.

I've "promised" myself all sort of idealistic desires...but they amount to mere wannabe dreams.

Jessica humbles me because she realised her vision . All the fears, the unknowns, the boring parts, the criticisms, the self-sabotage, the procrastination were, no doubt, there within Jess on the journey leading to today. But, there was something else that mitigated those querulous voices and conquered them so that in her mind her achievement becomes something "any ordinary person" could do.

It's that "something else" within that changes ordinary to special.

I believe its that single-minded determination to achieve what one sees clearly within their minds eye as being completely possible. Not everyone has that gift...very few know how to quell those ambition-killing voices either! It requires a vision so crystal clear and a belief that something is possible regardless of everything.

That's the difference Jess. This is what makes you above all others today ...very very special.