Saturday, May 27, 2006

A profound proof of courage.

My dear friend Saussie over at lopSided View is a cancer surviver.

She has shown remarkable strength and endurance under enormous odds these past three years and I admire her courage and tenacity to hope and laugh in spite of everything she's endured and still enduring. :)

She dropped the following remarkable gem into her blog today and I can't help but share it here too.

The Survivor Movie is a deeply personal and moving summary of the triumph of human spirit over the ugly behemoth called cancer.

Like that beastly ogre who ran after you in the nightmares of your childhood whilst your own feet just would not move at all, cancer is that thing we must all be aware of maybe having to face someday. It's is not necessarily a death sentence. It's definitely a pause.

So... to those who are enduring this enemy of the body, I say "Rest and live".

To those who have endured and survived, I say "Thankyou for staying here with us and not being defeated".

To those who are yet to discover they have cancer, I say "Be ye of good courage - you are stronger than you know".

And to those who are facing death because of cancer I say "See you on the other side. We will miss you until then friend".

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saussie said...

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts, Mitch.

That "movie" is a real gem.