Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Soundscapes. Faithscapes

I've bought some "decent" stereo headphones for the computer here.

Ahhhhhhh! Sheer bliss to hear all these different tones and sounds properly and fluidly for once. Internet radio will be soooo much more fun now! :)

Stereo really does make a difference to sound. It seems to bring more coherence and depth to songs, and music.

The shift and movement of noises between the two speakers either side of ones head adds a kind of interesting melange of colour and finesse to sound that just can't be done with a mono headphone set.

I've been having a lot of fun wasting the past hour "tweaking" the settings on the soundcard to get everything just so! hahaha I'm a bass/drums kind of girl so I tend to like my sound to be deep and bass-ey with that solid rhythm in the back! :)

What on earth would this world be like without SOUND??????

You know? There is that old riddle that says if a branch breaks from a tree in a forest with no-one present does it still make a sound?

Pretty silly question if you ask me. Sound is physical and quite real. It is disrupted airwaves that vibrate according to natural patterns. Our ears are marvellously designed organs of engineering that can pick up on these vibrations and interpret them in all their nuances as sounds inside our brains.

So if a branch breaks off a tree where no one can hear it - it's irrelevant whether or not it makes a sound. Sound is only of value if a sentient hearing being is there to appreciate that sound does indeed exist. Sound means nothing without appreciation.

Same with Faith actually. Faith means nothing without appreciation.

If you aren't in that forest of Faith to hear about the branches on vines and trees then you're not going to know if it's real or not.

You have to experience/hear faith in the heart before you can appreciate that God exists.

Otherwise it's totally irrelevant to you isn't it? Even if it's real!

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