Sunday, June 11, 2006


Lovely weekend. :)

It WAS cold where we were in the mountains, (it is winter here Downunder afterall), but our room was warm - eventually - and cosy and we didn't need much else except some food and a wee bit of wine, a book or two and the TV for my husband (he is not the bookish type, unlike myself ;)).

I finished that Warhammer book finally! :) It was a wonderful read and it's convinced me to explore this genre further so I've dutifully started the second book "Ravenor Returned".

I'm still amazed I'm reading this stuff though - I could never have imagined even at the beginning of this year that I would be reading "Dark Library" sci-fi novels! Still, a good read is still a good read no matter what kind of literature it is I guess. :) Ahhh! The influence of friends eh? :)

Since coming home today, life has picked up the pace again as it does. Housework taking precedence over most entertainments until later in the day. I do, however, feel refreshed and ready to take on another busy week ahead now.

That's what weekends away can do for the soul; refresh it and renew it so it's ready to be available again for whatever awaits in that hourglass of time called The Future.

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