Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mastering the art of integrity

Integrity is a big deal to me.

It's a part of that whole "Constructing Coherence" thing regarding my Genius

I need integrity in myself and in others to find that coherence of soul, mind, and emotion.

It's one of my highest values.

It's more than honesty. It's more than mere trust. It's about communion.

It's about baring the things in ones heart to another and risking everything on the chance that they might take your truth and crush it underfoot out of vicious ridicule or spite. Integrity like this involves humility, hope, faith and a whole lot of unconditional love (There is that word again! :))

If you EVER find a person with whom you can share the deepest things inside your heart and KNOW that they will accept you despite those things... then thank God for the amazing gift of this person and never take them for granted.

Respect those who would love you enough to allow you to demonstrate such integrity and still remain your friend.

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