Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tech worship

This here computer died on me this morning for approximately 10 minutes.

I could NOT get it to fire up again until I turned it off at the source of power and just waited.

The stress nearly killed me! :)

I fretted, I fussed, I squashed my body in behind the desk here trying with all my might to figure out why this contraption, our family so depends on, would not just GO!

And I PRAYED!!! Oh my! How I prayed that this thing would get going again.

On reflection, I can see why I wrote about that whole "zen" thing earlier today. I really need to heed my own advice! *bemused smile* I didn't really have flow or "zen" during this particular 10 minutes of my life. This was 'Major Catastrophe' in the making! "Zen" and "Catastrophe" are mutally exclusive when it comes to tech worship.

A box of wires and bytes can bring down the philosopher in any one of us I guess - especially me. I am perhaps just a little too dependant on this machine.

Oh but hey! Life without computers now???? It's just not feasible anymore! Is it?

It's that whole biz about relationships I'm always going on about! THIS machine has brought me so many wonderful and interesting new relationships to explore that going without it would be like breathing a vow of silence and taking up permanent residence in a hermitage.

That is sooooo not me! :)

Okay... so it - this box of computational tricks - is back up and running again. I think God may have had his ears burned by the number of "Thankyou's" I've been saying today.

I'm so gosh-darned RELIEVED.

...better get myself a jolly big external back-up drive though J.I.C. *more bemused smiling*

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