Friday, June 16, 2006

School Holidays

I used to love school holidays.

Term break meant a slower change of pace, a chance to sleep-in, unwind and generally enjoy having my little family around for awhile.

That's changed! hahaha

Now that our kids are teens, school hols have taken on that slightly manic free-for-all fight over the TV, the Playstation, the computer and the fridge! The house is destined to become a bear pit and my sanity will probably go hide under the curtains in the bedroom, with the cat, until Term Three begins.

I am getting frazzled just thinking about the forthcoming two weeks and it's only the first afternoon!

Methinks, a computer roster might be in order though. I admit to being as addicted to this machine as the kids! :) The rest we'll just have to wing as usual. If I tried to stock the fridge with everything required for two weeks - the two hungry caterpillars, who live here, would consume it all within two days!

This past term here has been quite long due to some calendar changes made by our state government for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in March. The kids are slightly burned around the edges and they really need some down time. I know that. I just wish they could do it quietly :)

And this break is going to be a busy one too. I have my sister and her family visiting from Darwin for two weeks which will be very entertaining if a little frenetic.

So... I think perhaps I had best go re-read my own advice on "Going with the flow"

I will need all the calmness and un-self'ness I can lay my hands on for the next sixteen days.

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