Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I think I need a story blog...

I've written a few short pieces of late.

Story writing has taken a whole new dimension for me this year. For years I'd been "blocked" with my writing. I still did "it" - write that is - but "it" wasn't satisfying because I couldn't get my writing to be scintillating enough to be that way. The most part of the last year or three has been writing endless lists of things to do - hardly publishable and slightly less entertaining than any mere Story! :)

Well... I guess Muse visited me in this seminal year of 2006 and wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am, I am finally and happily writing and how! :) Some of it isn't "quite" publishable on this particular blog though *blush*. Some people who know me, may have a few issues regarding the content of some of my recent works, so I've demurred and kept them away from here. They await a place of their own. :)

It's so amazingly refreshing to be able to write and not feel that impending doom-like sensation of a) What is there to write about? and b) I am not interesting enough to have anything to write about! I feel like a great massive piece of my soul is finally being slotted back into the construct of my being again. Coherence at it's finest. Writing and me! They just fit you know.

I AM story! Not lengthy, massive works of "great" fiction - not like I used to dream of doing of course. I'm a short-story writer and it satisfies me to be this way. I couldn't stick at writing a novel if I was paid to do it. I would lose instant interest in the whole process as soon as anyone suggested that I "should" do that. I have always balked at being told what to do - ironic given that I enjoyed being an Army Reservist once! hahaha

When I was in my 20's I wanted to be another Margaret Mitchell you know - write that seminal piece of literature that would last a thousand years as a classic and all that - but...seriously that isn't going to happen I guess and I've learned to not get myself worked into a sweat over not being able to write "The Novel".

The whole novel thing has become so overwhelmingly prevalent that any "book" that I would potentially write would be practically pulp before I got to sell a hundred copies anyway! The life of an author is fraught with longing for longevity - a difficult peak to reach in this day and age of "instant" fiction and glossy dust jackets.

Apparently, I'm a sprint writer. So - I am slowly building a wee collection of stories here now that will need an audience soon.

I'm thinking a Story Blog of some kind may be next on my To Do list of "Things to do before I die".

The thought is profoundly satisfying and also slightly intimidating

.................................but hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained eh? :)

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