Monday, July 03, 2006

Who listens.

It's interesting hearing the opinions of others about blogs and blogging.
Some love the whole concept and actively and passionately embrace the blogging world with gusto, wringing enjoyment from dozens of different authors ideas and perceptions.

Others again are more selective and find a voice or two who they enjoy and admire and follow them devotedly for as long as they find them interesting.

There are those who are new to the blogging world and approach it cautiously and tentatively, only seeking out the blogs of known friends and family.

Who ever these people are, they are the audience. What they want from a blog is likely to be a difficult question to answer.

The most difficult audience for the blogger is, I believe, one's own family. These people know you so well in meatspace that whatever you say in cyberspace may not make that much sense to them.

That's okay - the stuff we sometimes say in a blog isn't always the same kind of stuff we talk about casually over a meal together. Blogging has this kind of 'Deep Thought' aspect about it that is rarely explored in meatspace.

So when family tease, goad, laugh and jest about what you say in your blog - smile sweetly and enjoy the fact that they looked inside your head but never got it.

If they DO get it and say so - then give them a big hug and some appreciative thanks!

In my experience that latter one is really rare coming from one's family! :)

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