Thursday, June 22, 2006


It will have been close to 4 years since my entire immediate family have been together in the one room!

Since we kids left the family nest, it's been very difficult to get us all together for most occasions.

We've NEVER had a family get-together where all of us in my immediate family... cousins, husbands, wives, Grandparents, siblings have been together in the one room! This coming three week period will change that statistic! :)

I'm so excited by the prospect of spending time getting to know my brother-in-law and my little nephews better. I am excited by the prospect of lavishing some love and attention on my Sister, Paquita, especially on her birthday next week! I think it's been close on 20 years since we've been together on one of our birthday's! I'm going to spoil her rotten that day by doing all that "girly" stuff with her at my favourite beauty spa! :) Can't wait! :)

We have five birthdays and a Baptism, in my family next week.

It promises to be a very memorable time. :)

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