Sunday, October 22, 2006

Questions part 2

I seem to be coming back to this theme regularly of late.

The art of asking the tough questions!

When I need to dig deep within and ask myself tough things, I listen for my gut to give me the answer I seek. Most of the time that works for me.

I've even tried that trick called "Muscle Testing" that Martin spoke about awhile back. I did find however that I tend to cheat at that. I'm not sure yet whether I totally believe in muscle testing but truth be told, it's probably more than likely that I just don't like the 'answers' I get when I do it! *bemused smile*.

I have learned throughout this process of discovery that there are many different ways to ask the same question though. All those different ways of asking the same thing will, invariably, give me entirely different answers! So confusing and frustrating that! It also makes it extremely easy to cheat and ensure I get the answer I really want to hear rather than the one I really need to hear.

So guts, mucle, heart and magic all require a certain linking ingredient. What that ingredient is, I'm not entirely sure yet. Perhaps its Discretion! I don't know!

So? I've established that I trust my gut best to answer the really big and deep questions in my life. I've also established that I am not particularly courageous asking these questions in the first place and now I've learned that the way I word these questions can change the answer and consequently the outcome too!

It seems the road to being honest with oneself is a rocky one.

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