Saturday, August 05, 2006

Heart and guts my friend

I was musing on the "how" I make decisions with a friend the other day.

I tend to trust my gut feeling for any big decisions I make.

For the basic everyday decisions, my intellect is pretty much in charge. But the BIG decisions of my life in the areas of love, desire, need and yes overseas trips... I have relied totally on the feeling I feel inside my gut.

I rarely trust my heart to make my decisions for me.

You see my heart - not the actual organ but that metaphysical "heart" of inner being - is too romantic and fanciful. It constructs possiblities and fantasies which rarely come to pass. It is an unreliable servant at its best and a disasterous master at worst.

My heart is given to wanting things it cannot have, seeking after romantic desires that are not possible, reading things between lines that may not actually be there.

So to trust it for decision making for me is very unwise.

When I have a big decision to make, I ask a question and then pose either a Yes or a No to that question. After each time I ask "Yes?" I LISTEN to what my gut tells me. After each time I ask "No?" I LISTEN to what my gut tells me.

If I feel a resonance, a ripple, a tingle, or any strange sensation deep inside my gut (and yes I'm talking my physical gut here down near my belly button ;))... then I have my answer. If I feel nothing I also have my answer.

I do this a number of times to be very sure. My analytical, logical (and somewhat skeptical) side demands that I continually test to ensure I do indeed have the "right" response and that the outcome will be "appropriate". This gets tricky when my gut says yes to something that my head says isn't such a good idea! But I'd much prefer to trust my gut than any inner "Vulcan" in me anyway :)

My head doubts. My heart romanticises. My gut tells me what I really want.

How do you make your big decisions? :)

You don't always need to think! Sometimes what you feel is more accurate.

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