Thursday, October 19, 2006

Simplicity rules

You know! It really IS the most mundane and taken-for-granted stuff in our lives that has the most extraordinary revolution of idea and innovation behind it.

Take for example the humble snap-lock sandwich bag! A very utilitarian article found in most western kitchens. Have you ever really LOOKED at the nifty little sealing function on that simple plastic bag?

I mean the sheer genius behind that concept blows my mind! Who thought of that?

That basic, simple but revolutionary idea has taken the plastic bag to new heights of usefulness and practicality! :)

We take these things so much for granted. We fail to acknowledge that there are amazing minds hidden away thinking and dreaming of new ways to build on old technologies; making the magical, a mundane utility, and the mysterious "Thing", simple to understand.

The ability to create simplicity from complexity is a rare and valuable skill. If you see that ability in someone then don't take it for granted. Tap into their gift and be prepared to learn an amazing amount of stuff in a very short time! :)

So, to all the designers, the artists, the inventors, thinkers, idealists; to the men and women who create the future and make life easier than yesterday...

........I dips m' lid to yer and thankyou from the bottom of my snap-lock bag! :)

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