Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The strange coincidence of a conspiring universe.

With all my musing and amusing of late on this VERY introspective journey, I'm at a crossroads.

Where to now?

And then out of the blue and into my mailbox came this newsletter.

Concern Australia has long been a popular charity for our family to support. It's practical christianity where the rubber hits the road (and I don't often want to!).

But here's the thing! My hero who founded this amazing service, has conspired with the God-Head of our faith and has written something that not only resonates completely with where I'm at right now but also drops a gargantuan hint as to the living out of my Genius and my

I sent him an email! I offered him my writing to encourage, lift and support someone within CA that may need such a thing!

I wasn't going to send it for a start - I wanted to "pray" about it! Which was really an excuse to delay having to actually do anything about it. I do that you know! Pretend to be interested in helping others and then committing it all to prayer so as to alleviate the need to do anything PRACTICAL and loving for them in genuine servanthood. I am ever the selfish one and I lack courage! I know that! I'm working on it okay! ;)

Of course, God had other ideas and it slipped out into the ether as effortlessly as if it had been designed that way!

I'm so scared now I'm literally buzzing from the fear!



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