Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More words from my history...

Okay... let's get some of the REALLY strange stuff I wrote in my youth out here in cyberspace! ;)

It's not courage folks! It's a quirky method of ensuring that I remain always humble about what I do! :D

The White Witch Enigma

Call the wind, your enigmatic visions;
Let it whisper your hearts content;
Prosper on the leaves of lust, then
Burn the hate that has you bent.

Candid smiles, taste this mountain hop;
Let it warm your souls desire;
Pour it on that crystal hope, then
Ban that hope like bane of briar.

Curfew calls, the toil is vanished;
Lament the day with a sorry cuss,
Pain the dusk, endure its bounty,
Borrow in its flighty fuss.

Call the breeze, your visions change,
Let them bring a speckled light,
Price of mystery, this mind is cursed;
Banished but for one mans plight.

© M. Pitman 1978

Yep! I have NO idea what it means either! LMAO!

Hey! I was only 16 at the time! ;)


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