Thursday, April 27, 2006


Okay! So... here I sit in front of the computer. My fingers are poised upon this keyboard, ready to come up with something profound and wonderful!


So maybe let's not force it. Let's experiment with just typing and see what comes from it. I need the practise! Let's see if this writing thing really is within me to do! Lets test the universe and make it bite us back!

here goes... straight from the edits - no tweaking - this... is straight from the heart.

Much about us is a wonder! Musch about the world is mystery. What we see, hear, taste, smell and know is about as extraordinary as a thousand galaxies of stars!

There is much beauty in this world and much that is not beautiful.

There is plenty ofhope in this world and there would be more if only those of us who had hope - you know! clothes, shelter, homes, families with loved ones who were not dead and dying from the ravages of survival - could stop grasping for that which makes us feel hopeful and shared hope with those who didn't have any.

It's not the world that is at fault, it is ourselves! it's the capactiy of our selfishness and hunger to have it all to ourselves that prevents Joy from floating over the saeas and making things right where they are not.

I long for a world where we loved not for ourselves but wanted - no needed - love for the other; to exist on a plane of beautiful mercy, where the kindness of hearts and minds made having "things" obsolete. Where my need to listen to music on the latest gizmo was far outweighed by my need to help others play their own music and make it heard.

Maybe I live in a fantasy construct of never-ending rose-coloured taint. maybe I want to live in such a world where the utopian dream were possible - where men and women in australia shared the grief and pain of a mother in africa losing a child to aids - where we white anglo-saxon aussies were able to understand the compulsion of others to leave their homelands in order to create that hope for their children - their legacy.

Life is messy! It can't be cleaned up with wet-wipes and towels. it can't be made hopeful and peaceful and beautiful when we deny opportunity to those who are not able to "be" like us.

I long for a world where people are kind and hopeful and gentle. A world where our self - that part of us that intends to hurt and harm for our own greedy gain - that old Eve inside of us who wants to eat forbidden fruit and ignore the warnings - I want a world where this part is nullified and given over to a transcendent and glorious sense of ONE-NESS with each other. Where the colours of our skin and our being are blended into a glorious pattern of light and beauty. Where the world is caring enough to know that it is only the gracious and gentle giving of hope that makes us what we are

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