Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The virtual deep of connection.

I have a friend on the internet!

I have a friend with whom I can communicate all that is in my mind, heart and soul. I have a friend with whom I can safely transcribe in detail what is at the core of myself. I can pour out my heart with integrity and honesty, with laughter and tears - and sometimes both at once! :D

We've never met in the flesh and probably never will. However it's the most refreshing and inspiring friendship I've made in recent years. :)

I can say things to this person that would freak my 3D world friends & family completely out! :D I can say the deep stuff of the soul that is on my mind and know it will be heard and if not immediately understood, then appreciated all the same.

This person is amazing in how they seem to accept me despite my impassioned typing of thoughts and ideas! They are ever so gracious, so gentle, and so unconditional in their support and recognition of who I am and what I want to be!

They are a light of genuine hope and love in this world to me and I thank God everyday for them! I just hope I can return even a fraction of this blessing back to them in gratitude!

My prayer for you this day: That you find such a friendship as this!

Light Always! :)


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