Monday, June 08, 2009

vogue's version of a wedding

Vogue Australia had a rather creepy fashion concept in the past edition June 2009. Sadly I can't find the pics I want to show you on their website so you'll have to go fishing for a copy at your local dentist waiting room now I suppose.

I happened to pick up a copy to read at a local cafe while having lunch last week. A couple of articles were read...yeah ..they were okay.

But then I turned the page to reveal the Vogue Bride section.

Well.....haute couture aside, the poor model acting as resident clothes rack for the day had an appalling dose of the droopies!

I've never seen an unhappier bride in all my born days. The surreal backdrop of a wedding day complete with gorgeous gown and glowing accessories were utterly undone by the repose of the model herself. It was as if the photographers (all males I might add), were trying to tell the oggling masses out there reading, that marriage is a sucky business of vastly over-rated proportions! Which may well be true for some...but hardly a pretty addition to an over-priced fashion magazine! The idea is to make girls want to have all that - to sell clothes I thought!

Perhaps they were borrowing from the thriller novels of the era portrayed - the theme was very Victorian era in many ways - I recall "The Woman in White" in this instance. But even this was creepier and gloomier and about 10x more confusing really!

The model's shoulders were drooped down in the most cringe-worthy slump of depressive malaise ever seen on anyone! Let alone a bride! Her hair was mussed and frizzy, unkempt and disorderly. Her face was pale and devoid of colour. She could have perhaps looked a little bit like the love child of Tilda Swinton and our own dear Cate Blanchette really - but sadly I think those two fine actresses would be mortified to have birthed such a maudlin child as this...and showing up as much on her wedding day too no less?

So anyway... if the blokes that put this spread together were being cheeky and having a dig, then fine but the tone was too downbeat to show the cloth in my laypersons opinion (I be no fashionista afterall and haven't a clue what is trendy or otherwise - don't sue me!).

I am already sceptical of marriage enough without having a set of pictures feeding me a concept of it that implies it's actually more a funeral than a love commitment made public!

Nice one Vogue Oz? Ha! No! It was stupid and a wasted display of some lovely fabric.

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