Friday, January 30, 2009

too hot to handle

too hot to think
too hot to do anything
too hot to muse
too hot to decide
too hot to sleep
too hot to play
too hot to be green
too hot to be amusing
too hot to cohere
too hot to know
too hot to gel
too hot to write
too hot to walk
too hot to run
too hot to dream
too hot to create
too hot to attend
too hot to wear stuff
too hot to game
too hot for shoes
too hot for clothes
too hot for standing
too hot for sitting
too hot for laying down
too hot for prayer
too hot for the river
too hot for birds
too hot for my cat
too hot for our house
too hot for paint
too hot for tar
too hot for concrete
too hot for trees
too hot for hades.

burning in a sea of heat so constant, it feels like I'm being broiled for serving on a fine china plate for creatures I can little comprehend.

Wednesday 28th January it was 44.5 degrees Celcius (112.10F)
Thursday 29th January it was 44.6 degrees Celcius (112.28F)
Today - Friday 30th January it is right now at AEDST of 1830 hours, 43.0 degrees Celcius (109.4F)

Next week, we are forecast to receive the following day time temperature peaks...

Saturday 31st Jan 44.0C (111.2F)
Sunday 1st Feb 40.0C (104.0F)
Monday 2nd Feb 40.0C ( " )
Tuesday 3rd Feb 39.0C (102.2F)
Wednesday 4th Feb 38.0C (100.4F)
Thursday 5th Feb 39.0C (102.2F)

...and a wonderful "cool" change will bring us back to a "pleasant" 34.0C (93.2F) on Friday next week ;)

Air conditioners have been cranked up to the max this past few days. It's highly doubtful we'll be using them by the end of next week though. If Victoria's energy requirements can't be contained and in the event of a major bushfire, I may end up being offline and incommunicado for awhile.

Is it Global Warming? Don't know! It depends on which experts you read really. My dad is doing the Salmon thing and flailing about against the main-stream current of popular opinion and emphatically declares that there is no such thing as Global Warming from CO2 emissions! It's simply "Climate Variability". Every few thousand years, the earth chucks a bit of wobbly and either has an extreme freeze or in our current case... a deep heat rub!

Any which way but cook or chill for us average mortals.

By August this coming year... I may well be posting how damn cold it is!


saussie said...

We're right there with you.

Dick Richards said...

I get it Mitch. Ten years living in the Sonoran Desert (Phoenix), and I get it. The new skill that you must acquire is driving your car using only your fingertips when the steering wheel is too hot to touch. Good luck!