Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alexys' game

1. So far in my life I have... learned that my mind mostly observes what I'm feeling, likes to discuss it philosophically as open source material for observation and comment. However I am actually not very good at understanding my own emotions, let alone accurately - nor often honestly - expressing them.

2. I am happy about my life because... I learn something important every single day. It morphs into my being like suds into a sponge and I keep growing into the woman I was created to be.

3. One of the worst/best experiences I have ever had was... The best worst experience I have EVER had is my team experience back in 87/88 when I was a member of Rainbow of Promise with Youth Encounter. A cataclysmic wave of growth and pain so profoundly life-changing, it was a crucible more than a 'trip overseas'.

4. I am most proud of... having given birth to two rather clever and unique human beings :)

5. I define love as... the ability to forget what I need or want because the other person is more important than me right now, and being really happy about it too! :)

6. I am grateful for... Christ.

7. I want to be best remembered writings and my sense of joyous playfulness. I want to be remembered for the essence of youthfulness and sunshine.

8. Nothing makes me laugh more than... wit, irony, word play and cleverly insightful parodies.

9. If I could sum of my life in three words, I would say... Anticipation, Words, Experiential.

10. The best gift that I can give is... my courage and my hope.

11. If I was told that I only had 1 year to live, I would... move to Germany and master that bloody language properly!

Thanks Alexys. :) That was fun.

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