Thursday, January 22, 2009

Millenium Gen mi

It's my birthday and I am 47 years old.

I feel right at this moment, 17 years old, giddy with the fullness of loving attention being shown to me on this my "special" day. In many ways, I do identify with the modern and current trend of youthful expression, the strange mix of youthful exuberance for self-expression and individualism. I am just on half way through a full life. What lessons will I learn from here on in? What lessons have I learned that will bring value to those who come after me?

Today, my kids have shown extraordinary generosity in their gift giving. Friends have gone way and above the call in wishing me well on this day.

Even the gang in Second Life organised a surprise birthday bash for me which blew me away as I had no inkling they were up to something! They even had a rainbow which is a portent that holds significant meaning for me spiritually and personally - and they didn't know that fact either, which of course, lends awesome power to its providence.

I've eaten enough junk food today to sink the Titanic and have thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of it.

There are hardly words to describe how I'm feeling right now. I feel buoyant, optimistic, energised and positive. I feel extraordinarily loved. Within a week, I"m sure my mood will perhaps be different - as moods often can be - but for today, for THIS now that I'm living, I feel alive with the wonder of love and potential.

Thank you God for days such as this. Thank you for the bounty undeserved, in the love of family, friends and you.

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saussie said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!