Saturday, January 17, 2009

a slightly weird saturday

Well... it's not like it's anything extremely out of the ordinary as such.

I got up a bit later this morning after having HAD to get up very early to an energetic kitten (as you do! *sigh*).

But she was still driving me nuts by 8:30am so I resigned myself to getting out of bed and doing my morning "check my mail" routine on the computer here. I do live a rather sad existence, counting on mail from around the world each day *smirk*

But anyway... the upshot of it was that I was pinged left right and centre by a bunch of people in Skype and Googletalk and found it all rather frenetic and busy for someone still waking up and feeling dopey and annoyed.

It must have done me good though, because a few conversations later and I feel pretty good now. Something feels lighter and there is less drag pulling on my inner spirit.

The boys from the band are all here to rehearse now for this afternoon's gig at Northfest (a new mini festival here in my town). My JD plays the drums. They're definitely getting better at this band thing I must say...despite the rather ad hoc approach to rehearsing. Needless to say, my house can get rather loud on occasion.

I might pop along to Northfest later to check it out. I did have grand aspirations today of going shopping at the second hand clothing places for some clothes this morning and haven't managed it. I am really desperate for some new clothes, especially for wearing to work! Will get there eventually, I guess.

As of next Saturday morning, I'll be out earning extra money cleaning a home for a local family. I'm not sure how long this will last but as the goal this year is to get the kids their own computer (instead of nagging me for the use of my Preciousss), I need every cent I can scrape together.

I don't know why today feels slightly weird really. Just that there feels like there is this heavy portent in the atmosphere - an instinct that there is a change in the wind on its way perhaps. I feel as if I'm on some kind of bizarre threshold of something surprising and out of the ordinary.

Maybe I'm projecting too. I do that a lot! It's possible that this will be a rather ordinary Saturday.

Porena is leading a workshop in Second Life at Perfect Paradise Island on Imagestreaming later this evening and I'm really looking forward to it. I've only a rudimentary understanding of this tool for creative visualising, so am keen to learn more. Maybe that could be what I'm feeling right now at this midday hour... a heightened sense of something interesting on my knowledge horizon... maybe. :)

So, anyway - all things considered, it is nice to finally be in a place where my spirit feels much lighter, more joyful, less burdened by the innumerable vicissitudes that seemed to be the theme I constructed for my life in 2008. There HAS been a shift inside of me - a big one but also a quiet one too, my perspective and my outlook have definitely been adjusted and I am enjoying the process of that adjustment.

After Winter comes the Spring! See, Badger? I do understand the seasons after all :)

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