Sunday, October 05, 2008

I recovered

My wee rant on Friday saw me blubbering like a fool as per usual over another mini-crisis in my life.

I've thought about my job and I'll muddle through as best as I can, but am hoping to negotiate some modifications with the boss tomorrow if possible. I'm philosophical about it now.

I had some lovely gestures made towards me this weekend - not related to the said blog rant - which validated and uplifted me very much. I'm grateful to these people and then some :)

Daylight Saving started here in Victoria today. We turned our clocks forward. Right now my body is telling me its "only" 2200 hours but the clock here is telling me its actually 2300 hours, meaning of course that I'd best get some sleep before trying to make my body get up effectively an hour earlier than its used to! We live in constant hope of success on that one! Not! hahaha

Also went walking down by the river today in the glorious sunshine :) That is always good for reviving the soul and putting a smile on my face. They may not be overly energetic walks as such and they're probably not strictly exercise in the aerobic sense of the word, but the meditative calm they bring my mind, body and soul is just about as effective. I DO feel much more grounded and centred when I've taken my head for a walk as close to nature as possible. The reason I say "my head" is because for some reason this past few months, I've had a natural resistance to taking the ipod along. Occasionally I do but its actually rare. I seem to currently prefer the conversations inside my head. I muse, meditate, pray and imagine and in many ways its proved to be a healing process for me. I heartily recommend you try it. Simple walking, in nature, alone, with just your thoughts and a Higher Power (or Imaginary Best Friend *wink*).

Sunburnt now of course! *sigh* Even at this early stage of spring and I been made sun-kissed pink on my arms and chest already! One must never underestimate the Aussie sunshine it seems!

I suspect this week will be a turning point yet again in this crazy, topsy-turvy year I am living. At least I can't complain this year has been dull anyway! *wry smile*

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