Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blog post 350

I'm not really sure if this is a milestone in the blogging world anymore. People writing 350 blog posts over the course of a couple of years isn't probably that much of a big deal these days. I'm sure it was great cause for celebration in the earlier days of blogging, when it was still such a new and interesting form of communication.

But what does one say at Blog Post 350?

Oh I'm sure I could say quite a bunch about the mundane vicissitudes of my current life! :) But I'll spare you the whinge *wink*

In fact, today, I shall spare everyone the meandering musings of my muddled mind! Well... I sort of will...

Thus, Blog Post 350 will pass into oblivion as being nothing more than a route marker on the journey; a simple signpost for how far we've come on this particular road of words and ideas.

My only beef is that the distance to the destination is obscured! And some of you will complain that its not the destination that matters but the road one travels to get there. *smile* Yeah but what is the point of travelling if you don't have 'Somewhere' to get to? Even going back to the beginning can be 'Somewhere'!

I don't know where I'm going... I only know that I am. Life is like being lost at a cross-roads of infinite choices every single day. I'd like to know my destination but it's annoyingly ill-defined and uncertain. Perhaps I'm just meant to enjoy the scenery on the way, but even the Nullarbor Plains become boring once the initial Wow factor has dissipated - along with most of the trees!

The destination I'm looking for is not my Nirvana or Heaven on Earth - it's merely 'Somewhere' where I can put up my feet for a bit, enjoy the local cuisine and customs for awhile before moving on to the next stage of my journey and lessons. I'm tired and weary and in need of a sense of Place - even if its just for a few nights, metaphorically speaking.

Blog Post 350. I got this far...I'll keep travelling to see how much further I can go.

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