Friday, October 17, 2008

Dick be a dragon too

The fabulous Dick Richards who first inspired me through his work with "Genius", has re-entered the blogsophere with a new blog entitled "Riding on Dragons".

Over the past couple of years or so, the dragon theme has been a particularly strong one in my on-going journey of growth. My dear friend "Martin" is identified by his lovely wife as "Drache", which means 'dragon' in german. I actually call him "bat" for other reasons, but the concept behind him being 'dragon'ish' is quite true. He presents possibilities and opens up the imagination to explore alternative pathways to potential answers.

Dick wrote some time ago in his old blog "Come gather round" on his ideas about this new version of Dragon Lore.

I, myself, wrote about riding allegorical dragons through knowing people of great talent, wonder and possibility in the early days of this blog. :)

Dragons ARE real you know! Just like Santa Claus is real to those that wish to believe. If you drown out your cynicism and grown-up mature realism for just one moment and allow yourself to believe in the magic of dragons, you'll be amazed at where you'll end up! Dragons are sent to inspire, teach, exhort, train, lead from behind and engage your imagination in the absolute wonders of The Possible.

When everything appears impossible, close your eyes, open your heart, say a prayer of thanks for the breath in your body and let imagination come to you. If you see the Dragon that brings it... Say thanks for that too! :)

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Dick Richards said...

Hear hear!!! Well said!