Monday, October 20, 2008

A quiver full of words looking for a bow.

It's down to the wire financially here. But it's okay *she mutters gritting her teeth and smiling*.

Work and the art of finding it is proving to be The Challenge of 2008! I want to work, I aspire to work. I can work really, really hard when necessary. I don't mind being busy at all, in fact, I'm better organised and efficient if I'm busy.

I finally know what my inner bean WANTS to do and I'm determined to try and satisfy her wishes. She wants to write! I don't mean big long novels or books. She wants to write articles about stuff, about ideas and what she's learned along life's meandering school corridors. Michelle's inner bean knows instinctively and emphatically that she wants to write existential, informative and thought-provoking articles such as the ones you read on the last page of magazines and in the opinion columns of tabloid newspapers.

Paying the bills on a dream though is less than practical. In my case, it's currently extremely impractical, what with my 16 year old daughters Presentation Ball within the fortnight and various bills screaming for my fiscal attention.

It's at times like these the twin prongs of Faith and Purpose have to merge into coherent Action. I'm printing off resumes left, right and centre and dropping in on businesses with envelopes stuffed with Letters of Introduction and a plea for work of any description. I'm even offering to volunteer if they can't afford me right now! Counter-intuitive I know, but I figure if they SEE me working, they'll figure out I'm worth paying for the privilege.

I'm hitching a ride on absolute and total trust right now that this current phase - which is so not really me at heart - of "Putting Myself Out There", will achieve the financial stability I need to keep a roof over my kids heads.

Life does not come to you when you're down and out and looking for a helping hand. You have to look at Life and ask "Okay, so what do I do with this little bit of excrement you've just handed me?". One can either choose to sit down and sulk or one can stride with purpose along the path, looking for a convenient rubbish bin in which to dump said excrement and move on. I am choosing the latter.

If anyone, who needs a writer or a typist, is reading this, then please ping me! My quiver is full of words and is available for hire, you might be the bow that helps me shoot the target.

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