Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where be dragons?

Dick Richards has a poignant and almost difficult post on his blog this week.

Riding on Dragons

I call his post 'difficult' because its taken me four readings of it to really let all that is hidden underneath the words to "click" inside my mind and heart.

Don't let this blogs simplicity or charm fool you. Dick has honed in on a deep issue of our age. To leap from what is known into the world of unknown concepts, ideas and possibilities is now a frightening prospect for Dragons.

And Dragons do exist. They are real people, they look like ordinary men and women. They are not the riders but they are the Dragons themselves. They ARE Idea and Possibility; they are the drivers for positive change, for light and peace, hope and joy. They love to take us to new worlds of thought and new opportunities for discovery.

But Dragons are hard to find these days because they do not tend to advertise their nature. Martin Spernau

And why would they?

Because everything in this world is a market to harvest. A new dollar to be generated. A new Word-of-mouth meme to harness and control so it becomes yet another noisy slot-machine of marketing potential for the fat-cats and entrepreneurs at the top of our Westernised pile!

The Dragons are in hiding! In caves of their own making. They work odd hours and tend toward isolation and secrecy away from prying eyes and greedy souls. If a Dragon is found they are trapped and cornered by Professional Dragon Hunters and made to perform before the clamouring masses as if Life were a mere circus, their beautiful wit and charm and expertise becoming mere fodder for making money for everyone but themselves.

And so they are slain, driven into misery and despair because no one is really listening or caring about who they are or what they can do.

So yes! The Dragons hide away awaiting those who would approach them with respect and honour to ride them again toward new worlds of wonder and delight. Dragons are the hidden leaders, the quiet smiling gentle achievers who ask not for fame or glory but simply to be enjoyed, befriended and understood.

If you know a Dragon in person - you are to expect the unexpected, travel unknown paths often, experience new things, new ideas, new wonders. You cannot think small when you ride on a Dragon. You cannot be too proud nor can you be too humble - you must always be as you are for that is when they love you best.

If you know a Dragon in person, ask if you can ride with them high above the teeming realm of mundane superficiality and the baser human instincts of hatred, lust, greed and envy and become free, with them, to find Joy, Peace, Hope and above all incredible Love.

Make the leap into the unknown and ride a Dragon with a heart receptive to wonder.

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