Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's all part of the process...

(the title for this post is deliberately stolen from one of my favourite Morcheeba tracks :))

The verb part of my Genius name is "Constructing".

I thought I'd spend a bit of time exploring just what it is about my genius that could be called "constructing".

Okay... first a disclaimer: When I say Genius, I am not referring to intellectual prowess. Far from it. Genius in this context is somewhat differerent. Dick Richards delineates Genius from IQ this way:-
Your genius can be thought of in a practical way: as the exceptional power that comes most naturally to you, as the process in which you engage so spontaneously and easily that you do not notice it, and as the business you are in as a person. It can also be thought of in a spiritual way: as the energy of your soul, and as an answer to the question of why you exist among the human community.
You can read more about what Dick says here.

When I chose constructing as the "doing" word of my genius I was very much aware that my "thing" that I do naturally and instinctively is never really just 'There'. I am often in the process of struggle to achieve what I set out to achieve and suffer a lot of frustration along the way when I can't seem to get to where I want to ideally be.

I seem to have to grow into things. I am the type that needs to experience first before instinct and knowledge come naturally. Each step in my lifes journey is a building block being carefully secured in place or shifted to fit better as time goes on. I cannot just "do" my genius of coherence instantly. If I could, I'd have a whole bunch of incredibly close friends instead of just a very small handful.

Time seems to be my ever present burden and brake for my genius to express itself properly. The construction process is a time consuming thing. Buildings, pyramids, art, anything constructed step by plodding step all take vast quantities of time. Time will be what makes or breaks my genius.

I've noticed that I seem to be "growing up" at long last. It's taken me probably close on 33 years to outgrow adolescence. I was always the dreamer, the idealistic romantic. Burdened by too much naivete and too much fear, I've constructed coherence between friends and loved ones through the strategic manipulation of invisible walls and unseen bridges. Now I want to see which of those walls need breaking down, which bridges need repair and which of both need total demolition. It takes time and maturity to even want to know this let alone actually go about the reconstruction of them. :)

And its primarily process that drives me. Construction is a process. A finely balanced set of principles and procedures that eventually lead to a conclusion. There is shift, change, adaptation, manouevering, building, laying of foundations, scaffolding, manipulation, composition, sorting and all manner of subtleties within the process that must occur before you achieve the end result.

My genius is not about end results - its about all the stuff that occurs beforehand. The process is what is important about what I do - not just the final results.

I am MOSTLY constructing... not merely coherence. In fact, most close to me would say that "coherence" is a word that really should not suit me as a person. I rarely make sense to most people it seems :) "Ditzy", "blonde", "A bit thick", - these are the refutes of my entire life and yet I can also wow people with tidbits of knowledge and understanding gleaned over the years.

Ones genius isn't rocket science but nor is it easy either. You either know yourself or you don't. Knowing ones Genius name isn't the end of the matter either. What really matters is the process you use to express your Genius in the world. Genius is doing not just being. It's a moving forward with your own unique stagger, wobble and stride to make what you do work the way you were designed to make it work.

I'm sure there are other people in the world who are about 'Coherence' but just how they go about doing that would be entirely different to me. Only Mitch from SE Australia has and does that thing called "Constructing Coherence". It's what I do and is so uniquely instinctive to me I can barely figure out just how I do it let alone why.

I have learned much about myself this past year, delving into this concept of Genius as described by Dick. This is also a construction process; a process of discovery, of understanding my own identity. The knowledge I gain about my strengths and weaknesses on this journey, will I hope, help me to understand others better.

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