Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hey... I got tagged!


Lots of people are chasing each other on the net these days and springing virtual thumps on arms or touching fingertips on backs and yelling "You're IT"

Virtual Tag is bringing the child out in all of us harking back to the days of our youth - no matter which generation - and reminding us of those times when bills and "work" were childs play and nothing in all the world mattered except your best friend and the teddy you cuddled at night in bed (in my case - it was a mouse rather than a teddy :))

We called Tag "Chasey" in my corner of Australia. It was fast, fun, furious and sometimes taken deathly seriously by the boys in my tiny primary school.

So anyway Dick Richards tagged little old me on his blog and I feel rather honoured really, to have been singled out for the attention.

So Five things you may not know about me huh?


1) I can only see out of one eye. My left eye has gone blind from Glaucoma. No more to add on that one. I cope well. I can drive and have great mobility although I can't dance as gracefully as I used to be able to - my balance and kinesthetic intelligence have taken a beating along with losing some sight it seems.

2) I adore sci-fi television. I rarely watch a lot of TV these days but I make the effort to record the very late night offerings of whatever Sci-Fi series is going. I grew up in a home surrounded by a lot of sci-fi literature. But Doctor Who was my first great love on the TV - My sister and I will never forget cowering behind the couch terrified, as the Yeti Men stalked the Doctor and his female sidekick :).

I am currently collecting the entire DVD/Magazine series of StarTrek: The Next Generation *grin* - how geeky can you get really but I love it

3) I won a trophy for Weightlifting once. I was training for rowing actually, but got really interested in the process of strength building and went on to adopt weight-lifting as a sport for about 18 months when I was in my early 20's. In a small local competition I managed to clean and jerk my body weight (then a very lean 62kg) which earned me a trophy :) It's the ONLY trophy I've ever won for any sport anywhere.

4) I have always wanted to be a movie Director. Film has long held a strong fascination for me. My grand dream has always been to write and direct a big budget movie based on a classic sci-fi novel called "Out of the Silence" By Earle Cox (I am sooo excited to see it finally up on Project Gutenberg Australia! Whooo hooo! - If you can, make some time to read this story, it's incredible)

5) I have been a glider pilot and have flown solo. My dad is a non-commercial pilot and has flown gliders for close on 45 years (maybe more - I'll have to ask him). As a wee girl I used to go with him on Saturdays and Sundays to the local flying club and spend the day there playing in and around the aircraft.

I went solo 2nd September 1979 and earned my "C Badge" classification in gliding :). One of my most memorable flying expeditions was with a friend from the club and we sailed up the side of a thundercloud to around 15,000 + ft and then dived down straight toward a double circular set of rainbows in the the sky before the storm front. I'll never forget that experience.

Unfortunately, other interests got in the way and I never kept up with my flying which I regret now.

Okay... now I'm off to chase down Martin Spernau, EM Sky and Alexys Fairfield... they're getting TAGGED *grin*

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Alexys Fairfield said...

Hey Michelle,
Interesting tidbits about your life. I am fascinated with flying, although I am not a pilot. However, I do fly in my dreams.

Thanks for the tag. I will pass it on.