Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What if I had the money...?

I've often dreamed of winning the lottery.

It's never happened of course because I rarely buy a ticket! hahaha

I dream (and often pray) for the opportunity to become philanthropic.

I want to WIN so I can give it away. I have friends and family who are desperately in need of some sort of financial boost and I'd love to be able to help them out in some way without making them feel like they owed me something in return.

Oh yes! I would love to be able to give altruistically without any second thought as to the return favours.

I rarely expect to have my gift giving reciprocated. I give when I feel like to whom I feel like giving. To me, the honour and the pleasure is in choosing a gift for someone, that resonates with some of our shared history and our combined temperaments. I love taking the time to choose a gift carefully for loved ones and I don't necessarily like having to stick to traditional seasons for gift-giving either, though I will recognise these occasions more often than not.

I just like to give gifts to my people to show them how much they mean to me. It's as simple as that really.

What I don't like is people taking my generosity for granted and expecting it to come to them as a matter of course. Gift giving stops when I sense that someone is beginning to take advantage of me like that.

And if I still "have" to give gifts for forms sake then the 'gift' isn't really heart-felt or searched out with care. I admit that I become very pragmatic about gift-giving when its expected of me.

When my friends and family accept that I give when I have the heart and the love to give - then they will understand that the gift isn't so much about the gift itself but that they are dear enough to me that I care for them in this way.

In a way... I have won a lottery!

Not a financial one but a Love Lottery! :) I have a lot of love in my life both from me and to me and that has to count for more than all the millions the universe could throw at me huh? :)

But yeah! I'd still like to throw some free cash at them all the same ;)

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