Sunday, April 20, 2008

the fine line between truth and fantasy


A quite good fun movie if a little bit rough around the edges in terms of quality and acting skill.

I was interested to check to see if the legend that inspires this movie about Frank T. Hopkins was reasonably accurate.

With Hollywood, nothing can be guaranteed Truth, so I did a tiny bit of research on that most reliable of information sources - The Internet (*cough cough*).

What a controversy!

Some saying he was a lier and a total fake and others saying they knew him as a unsurpassed Horseman who was skilled in the saddle such as depicted in the movie.

So The Truth about Mr Hopkins remains a bit of a mystery really and I guess in all fairness, its probably best to assume that both sides of the story are probably somewhere in the middle.

If he WAS as great as they suggest in the film... we'd have all known about him and his legendary races long before the movie came out.

If he WAS a lier and showman/charlatan, then it sort of doesn't gel that he is espoused for his humane and long-standing evidence of Horse Husbandry. A charlatan isn't usually inclined toward doing actual humane things to people or animals.

And besides, it doesn't really matter now that he's dead and gone and in his stead has left a legacy of doubt and a controversial movie for us to ponder about :)

That's quite some legacy in and of its own right you know. Infamy can be just as rewarding as fame in the end.

The fact is the man...if he existed at all... made an impact on the world in a small way.

That's something we all aspire to in one form or another.

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