Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little hot under the collar!

It has been inconceivably HOT this past two weeks!

We have had a number of days well over 35 degrees now for what has seemed like an age. I don't know how much longer our poor land here can survive under this heat.

My town where I live has been put on part bore water just last month. Drinking water from the tap takes on a whole new connotation when it tastes so brackish and "underground'ish".

About 12 years ago....the drought here in Western Victoria was a significant and challenging event we had hoped would only last that year.

Sadly, the suicide and depression rate among farmers rises with each year we face such dry conditions.

No one can cut a break! The only businesses doing well are those which are directly funded by Government or food businesses and even some of those will feel the pinch over the winter months if this dry keeps going.

I once had a thought that we might perhaps be half way through a 30 year drought! Who knows? I hope not but still, it seems to be a never-ending cycle of dry here. What was once a lush, beautiful, water-rich environment is now parched and spare...the foliage dry beyond belief!

Some might say that this is a direct result of global warming and climate change. I don't know! Climate is an entity we are only just beginning to understand, and we as a species have barely scratched the surface of what climate will/can do on earth.

The weather is the weather no matter where you are in the world and the only difference is degrees.

I could not be stuffed going to the gym this afternoon after work. I am TIRED and my body aches with a fatigue I can only attribute to the prolonged heat of this current period.

Quite possibly, I will be whinging about how freaking COLD it is come August! :) I just hope I can whinge about the cold and still rejoice that its raining!

Please God ....make it RAIN!

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