Saturday, March 15, 2008

soulmate movies make me cry

I watched the movie "The Notebook" here on Preciousss tonight. While husband slept in the chair in front of some airline crash doco on satellite tv... and daughter disappeared into bedroom to talk for hours and hours to boyfriend on the phone and while son is at a youth camp down south overnight...I watched a movie about the depths and breadth of love.

Noah and Allie fought all the time, but there was one thing they had in common; they were crazy about each other!


Lovers who met and fell in love in their youth one pristine summer when things were hopeful and wonderful before wars and cruel pain enters their world of pre-adult starry-eyed wonder! Lovers who were thwarted in expressing that love by other people! Lovers who hated each other and loved each other with every soul stretched breath between them.

They were not so compatible those two with their feisty and belligerent ways. She called him an arrogant arse-hole; he called her a self-absorbed brat and then they would look into each others eyes and know that they were meant for no other person on earth but each other.

Together they created a better world. He made the pitiful wreck of a house into something wonderful. She brought colour and light into the world with her music and art.

When they were with others, they both died a little inside and stopped creating. When they were with others, no matter how much they loved them, they could not stop, either of them - even through the long dry years without contact - remembering that summer of wild and free love between them!

It was real.

Souls like birds.

free to be themselves but more whole when together. Content and happy because they are blessed to be with someone so wonderful, so beautiful, so extraordinary.

And even when they fought, they were fighting for their soul union to be made even more complete, more connected, more real, more everything!

And in the twilight of their years, when shadows fall across the mind and the forgetting is more common than the remembering; when the heart can no longer stand to be broken each day by that forgetting; when there can be no life worth living without that other beside you...they fade together into other realms of reality and find their truth again as one soul, united for eternity, in the pureness and rightness of Love.


Anonymous said...

Ich habe geweint als ich das gelesen habe. Habe auch den Film gesehen vor einiger Zeit und er ist wunderbar.
Wenn du Deinen soulmate findest lass Ihn nie mehr loss.
Du weisst wer.


Michelle said...

Vielen Dank A.

Aber, es tut mir leid, ich kenne Sie nicht :)

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Mein soulmate haben mich fand und für immer bewahrte.

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