Thursday, March 06, 2008

River deep

It has been over a week since landing back home here.

I have come down from the Mountain High of February.

How do I feel?

Dunno actually!

Reality is a strange thing. One can be content with reality when one accepts it just as it comes without complaint.

Thing is ever rarely content with mere Status Quo.

The heart yearns for adventure and rich experience. The mundane butts up against the cruel taunts of time and I am caught in the middle.

I think N├╝rnberg changed something inside of me. I miss the energy and the freedom.

Perhaps that is just a fantasy. Maybe I am just rebelling against the expectations of my reality!

I wonder now ..... what IS my role here and WHY?

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Liara Covert said...

Some people spend their lives figuring out why they think they exist. Their replies may change. I find 3 questions fascinating:
1)What am I?
2) Where did I come from?
3) Where I am going?
I explore some answers in a recent blog: