Monday, March 17, 2008

Go North my heart!

An interesting concept I read today.

To follow "True North" within ones heart and soul.

I like this idea.

True North is magnetic and compelling. When one just ALLOWS oneself to spin into its central node, just like the arm of a compass does, we end up at True North and all possible directions are clear and established around us. We can choose to travel in whichever of these directions we want, but it is more reassurring and confidence building when we have a built in sense of our North - the direct pathway toward our best self.

True North is the souls intention matching the hearts direction. We are what we say we are and behave in kind. We are true to ourselves but also provide a comforting pointer for others to follow if they are so inclined.

True North of the heart gives confidence and courage in the face of the maelstrom. True North is positive, joyous, intentional and serene. It sticks and it does not waver.

We do not pander or ponder in confusion or disarray when we follow True North. Our steps are sure and our vision is clear. We know what we are in the greater scheme of things and we know where we want to go!

I'd like to re-centre so I can spin naturally toward the direction of my own True North. This may require a shift in direction...perhaps unexpectedly; I don't know! I don't mean I want to spin out of control in pursuit of the stability of my true North but I will spin even so. The thing is that the spinning is not forced. It is just a gentle swinging until the polarity is found and settled into place. The compass just drifts the spindle toward the magnetic attraction - it does not need to seek it, it just knows its there and allows itself to be spun into its direction naturally and spontaneously.

My faith inclines me toward the True North of belief in Jesus. My soul wants to travel along the path of its North with hope, joy, peace and love. My heart wants to smile in relief that it is not lost or alone because the compass rarely lies.

Yeah! True North! Everything is clear once one knows their right direction on the journey.

If my sky does indeed have five directions, then my True North is somewhere in the vast infinity of that globe which surrounds me and I will find it soon enough - if I just allow it to find me and take me there.

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