Tuesday, March 18, 2008



the cool change is finally here!

I can smell the fresh scent of cool crisp moisture in the air. The breeze billows and softens the heat within walls and floors.

Goosebumps shimmy up and down my arms whenever I go outside.

My son enjoyed a few blissful hours in the shed airbrushing paint everywhere to his cool hearts content. He's not been able to go out there except for a brief drum session as its been over 40 degrees (that's around 104 Fahrenheit on the old scale) in that shed for days and days now .

The bones are weary and tired. The feet are swollen and pressured but all is now shrouded in collected calm with the advent of the enlivening breath of cold air coming in through open windows.

There will be smiles aplenty among folk tomorrow I should think. Restful sleep in temperate bedrooms and overheated brows softened as if by a cool reassuring hand will go a long way in restoring hope that the rain will soon come.

If that happens...then that will be very cool :)

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