Monday, March 17, 2008

the heat goes on

relentless and unyielding, the Wimmera heat scorches and burns whatever is left of the will to do.


What we need now is water! Not from bores, not from dams, not from tanks or wells.

We want natural life-giving rain from the Heavens to soak us and wet us through.

Will we complain once we are soggy and mouldy from such rain?

Yes! Positively yes we will complain for the human memory is dull once acquaintance is long past. It remembers only that which is etched into the membranes like photographs.

So yes, we will of course complain if we get so wet the water is lapping at our feet, we will complain to God that we cannot endure another moment of being so deluged by the rain.

We are greedy, fickle, self-obsessed and ego-centric enough to believe that our happiness is fundamentally from outside of our natural selves. So while it is so hot and while the days curl our toes and teeth with the melting intensity of sunshine, we will crave being wet to our ears!

When that day comes and we have the water again... we will undoubtedly crave to be dry!

It's inevitable and unequivocable that we will never be content with our climate in the moment of its fact.

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