Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today I feel lighter and slightly more cheerful.

One of the better things I've done this past week is to just quietly spend time RESTING here at home.

This morning I've not even really gotten out of bed and its already after midday here. I have gone to get my breakfast, taken phone calls and other such out of bed activities but mostly I have snuggled up here with my laptop and just chilled out a bit.

I talked with my friend Martin for a long while (he's always been good at cheering me up) and I've rounded up and paid some bills online that were pressing on my consciousness. So I have sort of "worked" as well as taken some very much needed and valuable down time too.

In a few minutes I'll have to go get showered and dressed ready to face the rest of my coming day whatever it may hold. There are bank managers to see and so on.

I am slowly getting my piles of notes and bits of paper under control. I have more phone calls to make too.

Baz has contacted me a couple of times this morning about little things. I suspect he's really a bit lonely for his dear wife and is hooking onto any small detail that provides an opportunity to connect and talk. He's still really difficult to talk to although no where nearly as bad of course. A friend who has been to see him in hospital said that currently their little 5 year old boy has a longer attention span than my dear baz! *giggle*

They have put him on different medications now as well as a sedative. Today he seems much calmer, less frantic/manic. He's slower and a little slurred in his speaking. He is still drinking water like a fish though

He's the "only" one in the unit at hospital with the mania side of bipolar. Most of the people surrounding him are severely depressed. Because he is so hyperactive, he is being a little bit of a disturbance to others in the early hours of the morning so hence the sedative to help him sleep a full 8 hours instead of the 4 to 6 he currently only manages.

He is having some scary nightmares which also may account for his inability to sleep. He may have to do some deep therapy to find the source of those nightmares, and to face them to their conclusion. (My recent dream of the tapir men interestingly had a conclusion which may perhaps account for why its not bothered me like baz's dreams do for him right now)

Today is however, a better day. Yesterday I felt very lost and afraid. Today I feel ...well not overly confident as such...just more cheerful and rested.

Que Sera Sera :)

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Alexys Fairfield said...

Sending you peace to get you through my dear. Everything will be alright. Trust that it's all in God's hands.

Take care.