Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Many of you might be very surprised at the sort of music I tend to listen to. You'd think that at 45 years of age I'd be right into the usual pop music of my particular generation (I was a 60's child, a 70's teen and an 80's rager :) I kinda lost the 90's to rearing children).

I am not. I like a lot of the music of my youth but straight up pop bores me after awhile. These days I can listen to most kinds of music except maybe traditional country music which sends shivers up my spine in sheer horror and cringe. I do however like a little bit of classical or some light opera occasionally.

For big chunks of listening time however, give me some Alternative Grunge Rock or Ambient, Psychill, Trance, or Trip hop on iTunes or Last.fm Radio

I know! I am so weird.

I mucho prefer what my kids are listening to than what my peers tend to listen to...unless they happen to be blokes! For some reason my tastes in music seem to be much more "blokey" than what my girlfriends tastes are inclined towards. Perhaps I'm wrong but I find I share more music tastes in common with men than I do with many women of my demographic.

Here's my new page at Last.fm Radio. I used to have one of these some time back but somehow neglected to record my username and password for it so it has since been lost to the www.cyber.ether!

With my lovely Preciousss now calling most of the shots in terms of my ears and time... I figured I might as well add the applet to her and renew my affiliations.

And check out the wee widget for Last.fm Alternative Rock I've embedded here :) 'Tis a cool thing really :)


Viv said...

Being that I have two children with 8 yrs between I get to experience alot of 'New' sounds.. My son forever has been listening to rap, even did a report on 2 Pac, life before and after.. then I have my daughter, she listens to rap also, but a little softer on the ears without the 4 letter expressions that seems to be required by Rap artists today (I say with alot of sarcasim).. Her favorites being Chris Brown and Ne-Yo both black rap artists.. then my neighbor loves to listen to New Country Music and it seems he is deaf so I get to listen in on it also, whether I like it or not...then the old favorites from the 80's because for some strange reason, my husband cannot seem to let go of the 80's and seems to think we all need to share in his little world when downloading music..but me, myself and I, much prefer what ever is playing on the radio (I have my favorites as in Micheal Bublé, along with Diana Kraul and other today Jazz artists..... so long as its not head banging, and doesn't make me hit the gas pedal.. LOL

I am sure Mitch, we would do just fine if we had to share the same space..if your weird then so am I *wink*

Michelle said...


Absolutely Viv *winks back and grins*