Monday, June 11, 2007

When movies are just too good :)

Home from our weekend away in Melbourne and I've finally got some time to write about our movie experience we had last night.

in a word...


Greg and I only just made it to the Sunday evening showing of "300" at the IMAX theatre at the Melbourne Museum.

I don't go to IMAX that much as the movies they show are generally in 3D. I can't enjoy 3D movies because I don't have Binocular vision (I'm blind in my left eye). This occasion was a rare one where the movie was accessible for me.

I didn't really know what to expect from this movie. I had a sketchy synopsis in my head and I knew it has an Aussie Actor (aka David Wenham)in it - which was the clincher to convince my husband it might be worth a look :)

Well.... this is one helluvua movie!


It is Legend, Myth, Epic Tale and Fantasy all entwined into one. It isn't a complex story and yet.....?

Lets just say that the script has a marvellous je ne sais quoi quality to it huh? Of course it's "simple"... but then this is about the action not the subtleties of plot nuance :) Don't see this if you are wanting to think... see this movie if you just want to be left spell-bound by a enthralling Story

I was captured by it! Obviously! :) It is a grand story too, full of blood-thirsty horrors of war and all manner of gross evils. Very Good and Very Bad all clearly delineated and expressed in word and digitally enhanced skin-tones! :)

Thing is, I think the characters are quite wonderfully portrayed. The cast in this film is superb really, playing their roles with delicious undercurrents of pathos and humour, drama and sensitivity.

It's gory but it's also probably, THE sexiest movie that Hollywood has produced in yonks too! Oh my! All those naked Spartan male chests? T'was enough to make a girl go weak at the knees! *shiver* *drool*

It could have been the whole IMAX experience that made this movie have such a wow factor for me; I realise this, but at the same time, I do think that this simple over-sized story lends itself very well to the over-sized surround-sound experience of the Giant Screen too. It just WORKED!

The marriage of special CGI effects and real-live actors
makes this movie very visually exciting and for its type and style, it works beautifully. Of course, it will probably become "ruined" by massive merchandising in the form of video games and such but for the film itself, this kind of blending of artificial with actual, makes for an interesting and exciting appeal to the senses.

So okay? Did I like it? You bet! Bloody AWESOME Fun in my honest opinion.

Go see it (preferably on a really big screen. I promise you'll not be disappointed).

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EM Sky said...

Here's another *shiver* *drool* tidbit from speculative romance author Rowena Cherry. Happy reading (not to mention viewing...)! ;)