Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I wouldn't want her job!

Young Ms Hilton gets a lot of press.

It seems the Pirahna's in media hype just can't get enough of the girl with a ready pose for the camera and an all too ready gaff in Underwear Mis-management.

She's had a pretty sheltered life our Young Ms H.

All things considered, she really doesn't live in "our world" with all its issues of money, time and place, work and family. Life is very different for Paris and her siblings; it always has been and always will be.

Sure! Most of us enjoy poking a few sticks at her. We ingraciously imply she has no real intelligence; we assert she has far too much money than can be "good" for a person; we unceremoniously judge her sexual behaviours as being stupid, foolish, slovenly and misguided.

Many of us are quite determined to bring Ms H down a peg or two million, just so we feel she is on a more level playing field with the rest of us.


I just feel incredible compassion for her really. Probably a subtle mix of pure pity in there too but seriously...? The girl hasn't got it "all". No one has! Not even the four or five homeless people who begged for a few coins for food and a bed when we were in Melbourne on Saturday morning this past weekend. If someone claims they have it "all" - you'd have to wonder if they need psychiatric care! Happiness is as transient as the moment in which you exist! It's not wealth or fame that gives us our life - it's our being and our attitudes that make our lives what they really are!

Still! Ms H has all the trimmings of a providential life. She has lived a life so alien from my own, that I cannot even begin to comprehend her daily conundrums, decisions she must make, problems she must solve, attitudes she must endure. Her life is its own entity. She has access to tonnes of cash but... the pressures that that places on her every single moment of her day must be enormous!

My life has its own contingent pressures, but fame isn't one of them and nor is vast amounts of wealth. I have no clue as to how those two things can change a person nor do I want to. How does one cope with all of that privilege, infamy and wealth? How does one manage to negotiate the tempestuous waters of Life's Aquarium as someone notable/notorious? Paris Hilton IS, quite literally, a pretty goldfish, living in a large, clear fish-tank, with our grubby fingers tapping on the glass at her, constantly pressuring her to perform her tricks and NOTICE us!

She's a young woman who just wants to party and have fun? Sure! She's most definitely like many other 24 year olds, at least hormonally! :) Still! We've not had her place in life, her background, her heritage, her childhood nor her current exposure in every magazine under the sun! Who would WANT that life? Really? Who would want to be so flagrantly exposed either deliberately or otherwise?

I don't!

I just feel intensely sorry for Ms H. She might not have "any brains". But maybe, just maybe she does! Do we really KNOW her? No! Should we? NOOOOOOOO WAY!!!! Let the woman have a little bit of dignity in the end.

Perhaps we could all practise our obession with privacy for ourselves by allowing her that same privilege! This is why I've not linked to any stories or images in this blog to Paris herself. It's a rather feeble token gesture on my part, in trying to give her some privacy - a commodity in which she seems to be very poor indeed.

I would give everything I had to never be famous...ever! :)

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