Saturday, March 31, 2007



...a phrase which is fabulously coined by the very smart and savvy EM Sky from a previous post I made recently.

The definition of "Pah!"?

Well as I alluded to in that post, it stands for Perverse Arrogant "Humility".

This is where someone acts like they're really very humble and meek etc but they are simply seeking to be the centre of attention and get lots of recognition and kudo's for being so "wonderfully" humble and meek etc.

Lots of people do "Pah!". Some a lot more than others of course but nevertheless there is the tendency of the human being to make themselves look good amongst their Peers wherever possible and if "Pah!" makes being the centre of attention work - then that's what people will do - act all sweetness and humble pie in order to get what they want... recognition and social standing.

It's Arrogant Superiority dressed to kill in low down-trodden heels really. It's the reverse of the Small Me Syndrome.

The SMS is sheer lack of self-confidence. "Pah!" is total arrogant confidence that one is at the Centre of the groups focus and concern.

People who do "Pah!" are adept at appearing to be self-less but their arrogant assumption that it is really they who control things... they just like to make it look like they don't so that everyone will fawn over them and boost their over-inflated Ego's even more with complimentary praise!

I confess to being an expert at "Pah!"

I have even pretended that it was true humility on occasion but often it is simply just fishing for compliments to back what I already know...that I have control of the group with the power I wield in being the "humble servant of all". I'm not proud of this of course.

I've always lacked confidence in my Self so to gain personal power I have used my "smallness" on occasion with ingratiating "humility" and politeness to climb the social ladder.

Now that I'm all "grown up" (some might beg to differ on that statement ;))... it's time to give up being childishly manipulative and be honest with my Self first and with others second. This blog itself could be classified borderline "Pah!"... it may seek to coerce people into thinking that I am so wonderfully and "refreshingly" honest and "humble" in expressing such sentiments about myself! yeah! That maybe quite true. I DO want to be congratulated for being so outstandingly "honest" for saying this stuff!

Stuff and nonsense! Who really cares? It's not wise to assume that everyone is remotely interested in everything I have to say and being all humble pie about my dirty psychological laundry won't change that fact.

True Humility isn't interested in control or recognition. It seeks to better the world for everyone, the demonstrator of that humility included. It is neither perverse and nor is it arrogant. True Humility loves people and the Self without looking to feather ones egocentric nest with compliments, praise, kudo's or gain of any kind. True Humility isn't smallness, or lack of confidence. In fact only the truely confident can ever be truly humble for their interest is not self-seeking in the first place.

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Marcia, Your Confidence Coach said...

like your "pah" i really like ellie drake. she says to be bold on the outside and humble on the inside. pah is dangerous. if you fool people you may never get the support you need when you need it.