Thursday, March 08, 2007

Goodbye Farewell Amen

Dick Richards is closing the public forum, The Genius Workshop.

It's a sad thing really but it has had its day it seems. Activity has been slow on the forum for quite some time now.

I had a moment of Perverse Arrogant "Humility" (Yes! there is such a thing - stay tuned :)) where I thought that perhaps it was "me" who had effectively alienated the wonderful people on the workshop with my loquacious and bubbling "Perspicacity" etc and shut down the group by default.

My intentions were always to help others but I do wonder if perhaps I "helped" to the point of being too talkative and opinionated.

Oh well! It is the way I tend to be in groups and I have always struggled with that balance between being subdued so others can have their say and being strong-minded and forceful in saying my bit. To say I tend toward the latter more often than not is an understatement *blush*.

The workshop has been a watershed for me in many ways. It has not only helped me to find the name of my own Genius, it has brought me new friends and subsequently a lot of personal growth.

Dick Richards is to be congratulated for being brave enough to offer such a public forum for those of us keen to find their inner Gift. Those who participated are to be congratulated for being brave enough to share their very personal journey's with such honesty and open-minded integrity.

The search to name ones Genius is a journey of intense personal interrogation and discovery. It can be painful and enlightening. It is however one of the most valuable personal growth exercises anyone can do.

Perhaps it - looking to find ones genius - seems like one giant self-interested, narcissistic wank to some, but in all seriousness, being conscious of how one IS in the world can make a big difference to how we can make the world a better place... for everyone.

Thanks Dick for letting me be a part of this project with you.

To everyone I spoke to via the workshop: May you find and name that special "Thing" within you that makes you wonderful and unique in the world. May it bring you much blessing and joy as you seek to exercise that Genius and your Purpose in life.

No regrets.


EM Sky said...

ROFL - "Perverse Arrogant Humility" - also known as "Pah," perhaps? Woman, you slay me. I love it!

I wasn't part of the group, but I can say this: your forthright offerings have always been a source of tremendous encouragement to me. Thanks for being who you are and for speaking out. I can't tell you how often you've responded to a post or an e-mail when I really needed to hear from someone...

Never stop being your utterly loveable, speak-up-able self. You're a true gift, just the way you are!

Michelle said...

The author of this blog wishes to advise any and all readers that the above (very sweet and encouraging) comment by EM Sky was unsolicited and no remunerations of any kind were offered to the writer of the above comment.

And now... please turn off your monitors for five minutes so they can cool down from all heat coming from here because of my BLUSHING!


you're a sweetheart em *grin* & *HUG*

Dick Richards said...

While the idea of "effectively alienating" people has a perverse kind of appeal to me (as opposed to ineffectively alienating them), in no way did your participation in the Genius Workshop Google Group have any negative effect whatsoever (I love the word "whatsoever" but don't get to use it often).

Thanks for offering your gift to me and to everyone else who participated.

Michelle said...

hahahaha! *grin*

Thanks Dick.

And I hope our paths cross regularly again in the future.

All the best and whatsoever life brings you - may you know Peace, Love and Joy on the journey.