Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That day in September must go.

On this morning 5 years ago - 12 September 2006, I listened to the news on the radio as I woke from my sleep.

I rushed out to turn on the TV and sat stunned and incomprehensible in front of the visions on the screen before me! I'd only just "missed" it all happening live the night before when I'd gone to bed, by a mere 5 minutes. I may not have slept that night if I had seen it happen on the 11th September when it was night here and morning there.

I didn't want to "remember" this anniversary this year. Yesterday I deliberately kept my blog "light" and my thoughts decidedly away from that scene.

I still want to do that in many ways.

This constant recall, this memorialisation thing we humans do over great tragedy I don't think is always healthy! It re-opens raw wounds, incises emotional pain and creates new barriers for healing so it slows down and sometimes halts all over again. We seem to like to wallow in our pain as human beings.

We reinvigorate our hatred, justify our politics, salve our consciousness through our emotional flagellation in re-visiting such horrors.

But our horrors we choose to feel so strongly and passionately about are selective.

We "forget" the massive tragedies inflicted on people in other countries where barbarism, cruelty, and massive terror strike every day on the lives of a multitude of innocents. For some reason we cannot find it in our hearts to memorialise these tragedies! Only "our" tragedy! As if it were the only one that ever happened anywhere in the world thus far!

It isn't! And it won't be the last of the "great" horrors we see in our life-time! There is tragedy and horror aplenty either side of 9/11 that barely rates a tear from many of us in western "civilised" culture!

My feeling is that whilst we "should" remember those who died in that tragedy with honour and respect...

...lets leave the memory of it be now. No more Movies or documentaries; no more "New Information", no more dissertations, decrees, or promises to root out terror; No more immolation on the pyre of Righteous Outrage!

Lets find a way to turn this into a transformation. Lets let the power for humility and understanding for all be our 9/11 song, not this grandstanding rhetoric of might and justice for the few.

Lets make this a day to focus on the people who are making positive changes for love and goodness in the world.

Let's open up dialogue with those that say they "hate" us and find out WHY?

Let us be humble and contrite as we accept our mistakes and forgo our arrogance and become a little more circumspect in how we treat others who don't have all the luxurious trappings of success we hold so dear.

Lets LET GO of 9/11 and leave history be what it is.

Remember but lets not focus anymore.

It just hurts too much.


Webmaker Pal said...

Mmmmm agree to a point and definately agree about selective tragedy.


OK so lets wipe out, knock off, get rid of and cancel the RSL!!!!!!
(Russ Hines will come a knocking!!!).


Not that 9/11 is in the same catagory (Innocent versus soldiers)

Its our generation and our childrens to remember to ensure it doesnt happen again (learn from mistakes)

What about the world war 2? the Jews ?????? we are very aware of what happened there, and many are ensuring it wont happen again!!

plus Whats the different between a single grave stone to visit and remember that "tragic day" in comparison to 9/11,
its just a bigger scale!!! (3000 tomb stones!!.)

Think about it we are so lucky we have not had a huge tragedy in life so i dont think its fair for us to comment.
"Oh that was a bad day get over it!Mothers fathers, brothers sisters, wifes husbands etc

Imagine(God forbid) our own sons shot, killed in action or a terrorist attack.
we wouldnt want any one to forget, that would be unfair and such a waste!

do you get my drift

see ya just some lite comments to lighten up your blog

Michelle said...

Hello Quita! :)

Yeah! I do get your drift and I understand it.

I guess its the rhetoric I don't like so much. Its not that I don't want to remember these events (with sober honour for those that have died) - its just I don't want the constant barrage of images and politic-speak that surrounds this particular event. In 10 or 20 years time, I may feel quite differently but for a mere 5 years on... for this particular event - it feels wrong to keep re-opening that wound like this somehow.

I do remember - how could I forget - but right now - I just don't like the negative sensationalism that surrounds it all.