Wednesday, September 13, 2006

essential calm

It has been peaceful here this afternoon.

One child has been quitely doing his thing on the computer and the other one is out visiting a friend.

I slept on the couch for over an hour! *blush* I'm half way through account keeping paperwork and I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer! :)

It's a sign of "old" age I guess that I occasionally need to have an afternoon nap although when I think back over the years - even as a late teen, young adult, I often enjoyed a long sleep on a lazy afternoon when there was nothing pressing to attend to. :) I guess I've always been a bit of a napper at heart. :)

The ability to unwind and de-stress is a good skill to develop. To be able to chill out and "forget" everything enough that one just drifts off into a gentle sleep for a little while is both a pleasure and a strength I think. It means that we don't fear not doing it "all" or that the world will stop if we do.

In our ever increasingly busy lives - this simple thing called the afternoon nap is like recharging the battery of the heart and mind so that we can keep on top of all that is important, not just whats urgent. :)


Webmaker Pal said...

I need those nap times it is an essential part of my day (well at least every 2nd day)

B2 however is a right regualr painin the butt post nap time.
Mmmmm.......part Gillis definately part Maxpa!!!!
See ya Quita

Michelle said...

ahhh yes! It must be in our genes!


Give B2 a big hug from his aunty chelle :) But maybe not after his nap perhaps!