Monday, September 11, 2006

Finding ones song

Martin has chosen himself a personal Theme Song! :)

It describes him almost perfectly actually :) I say "almost" because he's actually a lot nicer than might be suggested by the words in that song :) Still! He is very much the independant soul and thats why that song works for him.

I've been trying to figure out if there's a song out there that I could also adopt as a Theme song or Personal Anthem too.

Lyrics are pretty important to me. I hadn't realised how much so until recently. I guess its about the poetry and the subtle meanings and interpretations a song can deliver. I find a lot of meaning and depth in lyrics really. Of course they don't really "translate" well without the structure of the music behind them. It's the music that gives the words their depth and clarity in the end.

But to find something that means enough to be almost a song about and FOR me?

It ain't easy I have to admit.

Top contenders so far are

1) Gel by Collective Soul - this one really IS about coherence and "sticking" together *grin*

2) BrainWash by The Cruel Sea - this one just makes me laugh really. I seriously DO need my brain cleaned out sometimes! It gets waaay cluttered with so many things to think about! hahaha

3) Another all time favourite song is Stand by Blues Traveller and this one has a really strong resonance for me. It's a lot about courage and hope. :)

For right now - at this moment in time...I'm settling on No. 3. "Stand". It has a power and a resourcefulness in it that encourages and strengthens me. The courage and the hope I hear in this song is what I want to bring others as well as find for myself.

Seriously! Findiing a song/track to adopt as a personal anthem is fun to do and it does make you get clear about what and who you are and what you want in life. Its not such a frivolous exercise really, if it means you learn something through the process. :)


Changing Consciousness said...

I left a comment, was it received?

Michelle said...

If you made one prior to the above comment Changing Consciousness, then I guess no! It wasn't received.

Perhaps try again. Blogger seems to be having some trouble with the comments of late.

Many thanks for reading all the same.